Winning is part of Frerotte's act to take seriously

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 2, 2008 - 11:28 AM

That near-death experience Sunday? Laugh if you want. A key point to remember is that he is 7-3 as the starting QB.

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wspudwDec. 1, 0811:36 PM

OK, reusee., you made your point. I understand journalistic license and exaggeration. But your columns lately are bordering on stupid. How about a real column for a change?

Trickey7Dec. 2, 0812:03 AM

I didn't get the point of this story. Dino "C", I am a fan but come on he got blind sided with no reason to be protecting himself while backpeddling. The guy didn't try to avoid him and even put his shoulder down.

xnavysealDec. 2, 0812:18 AM

So is he saying the Lions should NOT be taken seriously? And is he saying that because Frerotte might have done some acting, that makes it a good non-call? Or is this another typical Reusse back-handed put-down, this of the Vikes and Frerotte (which is to say, no point at all)?

costanzaDec. 2, 0812:20 AM

Jackson had a similar record last year of like 8-2, so what, Frerotte is still very ineffective and no matter what his record is the vikings need to find someone else that could have been 10-0 in those games. This defense is giving the team a chance to win every sunday, by getting a QB that can get the job done it would be very tough to beat the vikings.

jplampDec. 2, 08 5:59 AM

Some 260 pound lineman lowers his shoulder into the back of Ferotte's neck long several seconds the play is over and you state unequivocally it's a Dino dive. Let's see if the NFL agrees - Ogunleye will be surely be fined. If he hit Favre this late he'd face suspension and if Jared Allen made that hit what would happen? Patrick you're a gifted writer but please stop going through the motions - find some decent topics and spend at least an hour a day writing these articles.

klide2Dec. 2, 08 6:40 AM

Why would any of you, or anyone for that matter, take anything this scoundrel has to say seriously. This is the Dino who was arrested for indecent exposure. This is the Dino who is constantly in trouble with the law. Arrested again as recently as 2003. Why would a writer spend a moment talking with such a social deviant? One wonders about the writer. You are the company you keep. This Dino character is not a good person whatsoever. I believe jails are constructed specifically for his sort.

DanschDec. 2, 08 6:41 AM

I saw Tarvaris Jackson workout before the game. When he was warming up with Frerotte his passes were crisp and accurrate. It surprised me, being listed as the second quarterback, he was "catching" Frerotte's passes. The biggest shock was during the game. Booty was standing on the sidelines paying attention to the game while Jackson was laughing and screwing around with fellow teammates. He has God giving talent and he may work hard looking at the tapes, just would of liked to see more intensity from our #2 QB, from the bench, during the game.

comment229Dec. 2, 08 6:52 AM

Keep writing.... I still get a kick out of your perspective especially when to tick Hartman off!! Beyond that though, I think you ran into a little bit of a generation gap problem with the youngsters who do not know who Dino is...was... etc... and one thing EVERYBODY forgot to mention and it needs to be mentioned.... was that many people took a cheap shot at Cook on the offensive line (me included).... but he was back, and he played well, and was even mentioned by John Madden.... congratulations to Cook.... Finally, you can damn well bet that Detroit will consider the game as their super bowl..... and will come out smokin'.... count on it...

elfieroDec. 2, 08 7:13 AM

I feel Gus was initially hurt, and may have "enhanced" his injury a little bit but hey- what ever it takes. Remember Al Davis- just win baby! Pat- do you have some personal problem with Childress? You take some pretty big hacks at the guy on a regular basis. Maybe he is a jerk- I wouldn't know but it's pretty obvious how you feel.

howdoodieDec. 2, 08 8:45 AM

Is what we used to call him.....for dropping his pants in the garage. I seem to remember his own special version of the "bobblehead" in the back windows of fans cars way back when. The car would go around the corner and it's pants would drop down.


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