Twin Cities shoppers: Bargains, or bust

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY, H.J. CUMMINS and CHRIS SERRES , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: November 28, 2008 - 10:31 PM

The early birds got the goods, and if what they wanted wasn't there, they left.

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tamaymayNov. 28, 08 9:33 AM

Maybe I'm just kooky, but I'm not going to give up early on Thanksgiving with the family so I can go shiver outside for several hours in order to buy a few things on the cheap. (Nor will I pack up my 2 year-old and 4-year-old in the wee hours of the night for it.) Not only is my TIME worth more than that, but so is my family. Seriously, my family can live with cheaper gifts not bought during the consumerist frenzy of Black Friday. *sigh*

bgaarderNov. 28, 08 9:46 AM

I just read an AP story about a woman in New Jersey who waited in line at a Best Buy. She said with the economy "so bad" she had to save money on presents. She bought a 32 inch LCD tv, and Ipod and several DVDs. She spent about $600.00. She said she couldn't spend more because she has two kids and has to pay rent and buy food. If I had to choose between rent and food and $600 worth of electronics I would certainly choose my family. I think our priorities are way out of whack. Let's put our families first.

kwhitchurchNov. 28, 0810:11 AM

When at most stores you can get the exact same deals online??? Silly people

bdsdnfamNov. 28, 0810:13 AM

List Price = $179.99 Best Buy Price after standing in the freezing cold for 12 hours = $99.99 Everyday price with free shipping and no sales tax on = $119.00 $20.00 difference for me to be in my warm bed last night = Priceless!!

salryteNov. 28, 0810:26 AM

By waiting in line at three am with our limited gift budget this year but rare are the times that I get to be home when our six year old wakes up in her normal happy state and play while waiting for her Mommy to get up. Listening to her talk to whatever piece of cloth or plastic she fancies and improvise some adventure reminds me of why I exist.

george13Nov. 28, 0810:29 AM

I guess times aren't too bad when people are willing to stand in line (twice) to spend money.

quarkearsNov. 28, 0810:42 AM

I agree with the posters. Times are not as bad as people say. What I find is most people are a bunch of pantywaist whiners. If they are you don't go out spending money at all let alone spending hundreds of dollars on goods. Many of these people all across the country are the same people wanting the government to bail them out of their poor judgment to buy homes they could not afford. Oh well don't even bother to take notice of the headlines. Every single year the news reports say shopping was great and it looks like a good year for retailers. Then when all the returns and numbers come in a few months later (watch your papers for those articles) they will report a lousy season for retailers. What a sick society.

knashdxNov. 28, 0810:45 AM

There was nothing in any of the ads for this Black Friday that would make it worth while to get in line 18 hours before the store opens in any kind of weather.

bradtheissenlaNov. 28, 0810:53 AM

For days the news media has been telling people to line up at stores for "Black Friday," then the news media reports on these Lemmings doing just that. Great psychological studies. Big box store employees are rude, and more concerned about their personal lives than they are the merchandise they sell. I shop on line also.

barry_skatesNov. 28, 0810:54 AM

Divide the savings by number of hours sitting in the parking lot... Might make more per hour at one of those holiday temp jobs?


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