Senate recount: Lost, found, challenged

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 25, 2008 - 11:20 PM
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mahoneytNov. 25, 08 1:26 PM

for the Senate election and ballots that were counted wrong, what does this tell us about the presidential election?

ellerm01Nov. 25, 08 1:26 PM

Nothing but speculation in this piece of garbage. Printing unsubstantiated claims of missing ballots without any proof or examples isn’t news. It’s an attempt to throw more doubt into people's mind about the recount. Do your job and report the news, not garbage intended to fire up Franken's supporters.

consrvativeNov. 25, 08 1:28 PM

Absolutely nothing. It shows what a dishonest and wiggly worm he really is.

mike2636Nov. 25, 08 1:28 PM

I was wondering how long it would take to roll that one out there. The old "Missing Ballots" trick. No way to proove it one way or another but hey just try and create some level of doubt and disparage the earnest volunteer poll workers.......

lrtfan1Nov. 25, 08 1:37 PM

Ellerm01 is right. Star Trib, you have got me so fired up. We doggee. My mind is in such doubt. Now if Ellerm01 can only define to me what a real news story would be. Should I not be informed of the recount process and the claims surrounding the recount, or should I stick my head in the sand and wait for the headline declaring the winner. Better yet, Ellerm01 can start a newspaper and I shall only read it to get the truth. Maybe it will be a weekly, cause I like my news old.

saldomanNov. 25, 08 1:44 PM

Missing ballots, ballots in trunks of cars, botched ballots and challenged ballots. Regardless of who wins this hosed over recount the Senator will have six years of doubt and chaos about all the stupid crap that has gone on in this count and recount. Yep it's official the election process sucks and sucks bad!

dlambrNov. 25, 08 1:46 PM

in very small numbers at most polling places every single election day. I worked a polling place on election day and we had a difference of four on the machine count vs. ballot slip count. The head judge (who was a Republican, btw), mentioned that it wasn't at all unusual for that to happen over the course of 3000 voters in a single day. Also, the "in the trunk of a car" theory was long ago shown to be untrue. Perhaps you're too shrill to notice that, however. Just settle down and see what the final recount number is. To claim the election "stolen" is only to make yourself look foolish.

outdrs10Nov. 25, 08 1:49 PM

Counting lost sealed ballots is dishonest? So if 7 were for Coleman and one was for Al would Norm be a wiggly worm for counting them? Moron.

bracystakeNov. 25, 08 1:50 PM

While the claims that ballots are missing isn't yet officially confirmed, it seems probable that it could happen based on the massive turnout for the general elections. I take heart in the fact that the volunteers are taking adequate time to ensure that each vote is counted and each person's opinion recognized. However, that it requires a recount to make this happen is unacceptable. I was out and about the evening of the election and overheard two women discussing the election news. These women were not born in the USA. While, yes, I was evesdropping, I found their comments very interseting. They weren't impressed with the actual results. What amazed them was how fast the results were announced to the entire country. Looking back on how we're now recounting, speed is definitely not as impressive as accuracy.

biwabik517Nov. 25, 08 1:58 PM

Just because a county was won by coleman or Franken doesn't mean they will pick up votes there. It does mean the winning candidate may have the bigger shift in votes, but if you look at the secretary of state raw numbers it is just as likely that the shift is down not up. Over or undercounting isn't predicted by who had the most votes.


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