Electric cars: Plug 'n' go

  • Article by: KRISTIN TILLOTSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 24, 2008 - 7:13 PM

Local electric car enthusiasts aren't waiting for big automakers or ubiquitous plug-in stations to start the gasless revolution.

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fishheadNov. 24, 08 5:43 PM

Don't they know that We Can't!

StoopidlogonNov. 24, 08 6:00 PM

Really tied the article together!

akmscottNov. 24, 08 6:05 PM

Do the batteries last in 30 below?

paulsworkshopNov. 24, 08 6:25 PM

the jelly bean fields or the jelly bean trees? Oh I can see an electric powered semi carrying its cargo across country with a really long extension cord stuck out of the back of its trailer. And I passed a construction site where a skid loader was patiently waiting for its car sized battery to charge up so it could move one more bucket of dirt.

gregoupNov. 24, 08 6:25 PM

how do you stay warm in one of these in the winter

usercdjNov. 24, 08 6:57 PM

They have heaters that run of the batteries, in addition, the batteries have to be cooled, by air that get's warmed. Batteries and other euipment have resistance and thus heat. The batteries will be fine in cold weather (Li ion)you just warm them up a little, and once your going they warm themselve resistively. They actually have problems with high temperatures. Not the temperature you think is hot, say 100 F, but more like 160 F. People shouldn't ship via long haul trucks, they should use trains, which are far more efficient than tractor trailers (imagine how much we would save on road repairs too). Most of the vehicles here have lead acid batteries, Li ion contain far more energy. The price will come down when there is a reasonable size market.

iluvminnNov. 24, 08 6:57 PM

Thanks all. Yes we can.

StarquestNov. 24, 08 6:57 PM

That isn't a 1978 Vette in the picture...it's a mid-80s.

usercdjNov. 24, 08 7:07 PM

Li ion batteries are scary to industry. Low cost, robust Li ion batteries would change almost everything we do. First, the obvious one is electric cars with fairly good range. The Tesla does 125mph and has a range of 200 miles. But these batteries could be used to store solar and wind energy. This is very scary to the people who are already making the money. Detroit doesn't want it because electric motors are a commodity, and profits are small on commodities. They won't be able to gouge at the parts department either. The used Li ion batteries are not done when they get removed from the cars, they can be used for energy storage. Imagine have solar panels and wind mills and Li ion battery car and home storage. You'll never have to pay an electric bill. It may sound good to you, but the powers that be, our leaders and there industrial overlords won't let it happen. That why all the research money goes to the big industry leaders. But look, it too late to turn back. The rest of the world is going to go in this direction. If we sit on our hands, we'll be left behind.

vanillacoke7Nov. 24, 08 8:15 PM

"At a recent club meeting at the Electric Vehicle Store on Excelsior Boulevard across from Trader Joe's"... South Park nailed it


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