Childress shows his courage by showing rules apply to all

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 23, 2008 - 11:33 PM
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veegezNov. 23, 08 9:56 PM

As much heat as Brad takes, he did this one right.

wyohonkyNov. 23, 08 9:56 PM

wow, maybe you should give him a hug too. i agree that all rules apply to all players. but an incompetent coach can also destroy a team w/ a quickness. fortunately the jags were dominating the first half minus the quick 14 points so childress didn't have to stop us from doing what we were doing right in the first half like he did last week in tampa, and many previous times. it was a good win, and a win we needed. bring on the bears.

UncadotNov. 23, 0810:31 PM

Let's send him to Iraq!!

largecarNov. 23, 0810:41 PM

Hey Souhan, the Vikings currently have a statue. You may know him as Gus Frerotte.

xnavysealNov. 23, 0810:56 PM

No matter how much you despise him, wishing anyone to be sent to Iraq is just plain evil. How about "send him to Detroit?" Now that's funny. However, my take is that the Vikes are still getting better every week. Game vs. Chicago will determine a lot about this year's division winner. Go Chilly! Go Vikes!!

BMartinNov. 23, 0810:58 PM

I'll chip in $100 for that ticket to Siberia - as long as it's one-way.

easygoer88Nov. 23, 0810:59 PM

How about overwhelming ego. Why not keep being late to a meeting a private issue and fine him or have him apologize to the team. How can you ever enforce this standard evenly when some players don't play or are on the practice squad? The scenario you describe of the season being on the line because someone is late to a meeting happens because Childress takes every petty slight as an insult and has to publicly display his power.

loginsuckNov. 23, 0811:20 PM

Did AP really miss or show up late for a meeting. Or did Childress slap his wrist for speaking his mind to the media last week?! Childress better wake up and listen to the guy who has enough nads to tell him his coaching sucks.

rsflahertyNov. 23, 0811:52 PM

Mr. Childress still looks uncomfortable around his team. This seems odd for a third year coach who is backed by an owner as deeply committed to winning as Mr. Wilf. Being a disciplinarian is one thing, perhaps the easiest thing, when you compare it to coaching and leading a team to victory. The offense, while showing marginal improvement over the long term, still suffers from unimaginative play calling. The Vikings owe most of their wins this year to the defense. The offense, Mr. Childress's specialty, seems to be stuck....maybe at UW?

writeonblowsNov. 23, 0811:56 PM

Smells like Axel Rose


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