Ballot counting to resume today

  • Article by: HERÓN MÁRQUEZ ESTRADA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 24, 2008 - 8:23 AM
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gamerunner2001Nov. 24, 08 5:52 AM

Hat's off to those individuals who stepped up to be part of this historic process and be the counters, not so ready to tip my hat to those who are there of observe and challenge. In reality it is a thankless job and its to bad that more people won't step up and get involved with the entire election judge process, new blood is always needed in the ranks of head judges, registration judges, ward judges... Step up and forward to contact your county elections office about next year but a little tip... You may find yourself getting voice mail as I think most county workers are knee deep in this recount. Thanks again to eveyone who is making this recount happen!!!!

rewedinNov. 24, 08 6:54 AM

You might want to re-phrase the first sentence of the second paragraph. As written you are saying "less than one-half of one percent" (which is a pretty comfortable lead) when you meant to say "less than one-half a percent of one percent" (which is 100 times smaller).

trickangleNov. 24, 08 7:24 AM

Nice to see some friendly comments for once on a recount article. I'm sure it won't last, but for one morning at least, my eyes weren't scarred by ridiculously bilious partisan bashing!

marpalleclNov. 24, 08 8:07 AM


joethplumberNov. 24, 08 8:16 AM

There never even was a 84 year old woman whos signature did not match in Beltrami county. The Democrats lied to the public and the Judge to get access to voter info. Now they are calling people and asking them who they voted for and if they say Coleman they hangup. The radical Liberal left along with ACORN is shameless in their attempt to steal this election. They only want the puppet Franken in there to work for The Democrat party not the people to further there secret crooked agenda.

leftwingloonNov. 24, 08 8:26 AM

Let the ranting begin.

joe1701Nov. 24, 08 8:28 AM

The recount will not change the result, it will come down to the rejected absentee ballots. Then the real nasty will come out. In the end once again the courts will have to step in.

roadhazzNov. 24, 08 8:29 AM

It's called Democracy.

transilbjnNov. 24, 08 8:36 AM

You ever have to count THOUSANDS of pieces of paper in a sitting? I have, and unless you have those little finger protectors your fingers are gonna be cut up and dried up. Although the partisanship is so thick you can cut it with a knife, I do admire these people for giving of their time to see that it gets done.

angeliquemfNov. 24, 08 9:02 AM

If you can't follow directions to "fill in" which candidate you want or to listen to the election judges on what to do if you make a mistake and if you just can't read or listen to directions then maybe your vote shouldn't count. I'm sorry but even my five year old successfully navigated the mock ballot at the polling station. It's not THAT hard.


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