Day 4: Ballot-counters press on, find glitches

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and LARRY OAKES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 22, 2008 - 9:47 PM

Most counties took a recount breather Saturday, but some kept going.

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olsteinbergNov. 22, 08 9:59 PM

When Senator Hilary Clinton resigns to become Secretary of State, maybe New York Governor Patterson gets to appoint a replacement . . . if that is the case, then Gov. Patterson could appoint Al Franken, should Franken lose the Minnesota recount. As Norm Coleman's supporters have pointed out, Franken has lived and worked in New York for man years. But if, after all, Norm loses the recount, then Gov. Patterson could appoint Norm to the New York vacant Senate seat---we know that Norm grew up in Brooklyn and still has traces of his Brooklyn accent left, so he could fill the bill. All he would have to do is SWITCH BACK to the Democratic Party and considering Norm's political history---and seeing which way the national political trends are shifting nowadays---that should be no obstacle for Senator Coleman. So there you have it. I like happy endings, don't you?

olsteinbergNov. 22, 0810:00 PM

my previous post should have read "many years" noy "man years."

olsteinbergNov. 22, 0810:04 PM

my second comment correcting the typo in the first needs a correction itself: "not" instead of "noy." You see why I refrained from volunteering to be one of the recount's vote-reviewing observers.

memorylaneNov. 22, 0810:06 PM

For Norm Coleman. We need him to remain in the Senate for another 4, 8, 12, 24 years or longer. He is a good man and has represented Minnesoteans well. We need a conservative GOP Senator to represent us.

rick24rick24Nov. 22, 0810:10 PM

Corlyss Afeldt works at Hays Insurance? You know, the one that employs Mrs. Coleman for doing work that she never did.

rick24rick24Nov. 22, 0810:12 PM

Norm Coleman's political operatives suddenly realized that their plan to duplicate ballots was about to be foiled so they removed them from the envelope. Normy's campaign is up to no good and I can tell they are trying to steal the election. They will do anything to keep Normy in office because the Right-Wingers know that Obama will be successful if he can get a filibuster-proof Senate.

raylottieNov. 22, 0810:17 PM

and why are they missing? Democrats run St. Louis County, so I guess we know in whose favor they will be resolved. Franken doesn't deserve to win, but given apparent incompetence in DFL strongholds and unchecked metro area voter fraud (thank you, ACORN), he probably will.

idontthinksoNov. 22, 0810:20 PM

memorylane seems to think senators serve four year terms, not six. This is the type of intelligence that votes for Coleman.

eunomianNov. 22, 0810:21 PM

For the Rip Van WInkle set: Norm Coleman, at his own admission, is not a conservative

grandpabobNov. 22, 0810:22 PM

... but I think she is a former Playboy model. She was in the issue where Al published one of his famous commentaries.


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