I-94 traffic jams propel demand for more lanes

  • Article by: HERÓN MÁRQUEZ ESTRADA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 22, 2008 - 9:48 PM

A coalition says bumper-to-bumper backups between Rogers and Monticello hurt businesses and fray drivers' nerves.

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tome45Nov. 22, 08 8:51 PM

We need more rail lines to move people there was not any traffic jams in the 1800 before cars! How will this help the underprivilidged in Minneapolis who would like to find opportunitys in the rail stations along the line? Why should we help commerce in Saint Cloud ? These people left Minneapolis for no good reason only to escape taxes and crime. I say not to more lanes and commerce we need to go back to steam engines running on wood, and maybe a few horses and buggies.

SLM001Nov. 22, 08 9:34 PM

More cars means more global warm.. er, climate change. Bad car - BAD!!

leviw01Nov. 22, 08 9:58 PM


calvin4219Nov. 22, 0810:09 PM

When you move 50 miles away and still commute to the cities to work. Unfortunately, I don't think rail would be any cheaper nor would it make a dent in the number of cars on the freeway.

MorgNov. 22, 0810:12 PM

So why then does it become everyone elses problem when their commute gets longer. There are plenty of homes for sale closer in. Besides, hopefully the soon-to-be-running Northstar line will relieve quite a bit of at least the rush hour congestion, and there needs to be a wait and see approach to this before any more lanes are added.

openeye11Nov. 22, 0811:13 PM

I'm driving from St. Cloud to Northfield last week and by the end of my drive I realize that the vast majority of my trip was through relatively new suburbs. Mostly all developed in the last 10 to 25 years. It was about 100 miles. Same retail stores, same restaurants, same townhouses, and same apartments repeated every couple miles over and over again. All that growth means people have been doing well and that is a good thing. We’re lucky to be as successful as we have been and we are lucky to live where we do. It’s just amazing how much land we’ve used in recent history. I’m not anti car and I love my space as much as everyone else. We need lanes so people like me can go from St. Cloud to Northfield. I get that. Just makes me wonder what the metro is going to look like 25 years from now. Are going to keep sprawling out until we cover everything from Rochester to Brainerd in strip malls and eight lane highways??

antistartribuneNov. 22, 0811:57 PM

Ok, I live near the Fish Lake interchange, I-94 and the 494/694 split. This whole interchange is a complete screw up thanks to MN-DOT. Look, people have cabins in Alexandria and other points NW of the metro. The fact that it's goes from 4 lanes to 2 to merge with 1 to make it 3 is absolutely ridiculous! It has to be and should be expanded because once you reach Rogers and 101 it goes to 2 lanes!!!!! It is absolutely stupid. Are these not the same clowns that approved the 35W bridge years ago that collapsed?!?! Light rail is not the answer. We are a state that hunts, fishes and goes to the cabin on a regular basis year round. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that... Lightrail will not solve that question. This stupid interchange and section of highway should have been fixed years ago. We really need to fix the 494/694 - 94 to St. Cloud exchange and widen the highway from 101 in Rogers to Alex to 3 lanes with option of 4 lanes in the future. It's not that difficult. Of course we seriously lack the vision in this state to be proactive. Which is really disappointing.

SeppukuNov. 23, 0812:32 AM

Openeye have you seen baxter(brainerd/baxter) lately? That is a certified clone of a Twin City suburb. Drive on 371 and you will think you are nearing Minneapolis. Now all that needs to happen is more citiots moving up there and making the commute to metro for work. Well, lets get going, gas is back down to 1.70 after all.

anyname521Nov. 23, 0812:43 AM

If I (as a taxpayer) had a guarantee that XX amount of "major" interstate expansion/improvement projects would be (re?)designed and completed within 15 years, I would totally vote to pay EVEN MORE taxes not to sit in bottlenecks. Of course, with even MORE $$$, it could be done in 5 - 10 years... Our interstate seems inefficient and ineffective... I-394 was built WITH bottlenecks...HOW STUPID!!!!!!!?????????????

belfertNov. 23, 0812:57 AM

What about freeway capacity once traffic hits 694/494? We keep building more and more lanes outside the 494/694 loop, but hardly any lanes inside the 494/694 loop. Those of us who choose to live close to work get penalized.


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