Day 2: 46 percent of ballots recounted; Coleman’s lead slips

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 21, 2008 - 9:51 AM

After Thursday's work, there were only 136 votes separating the candidates, and hundreds more challenged ballots.

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mnrob32Nov. 20, 0810:08 AM

As soon as a recount was required, Ritchie and the DNC were going to make sure that the "missing" votes required to elect Franken would be found.

nomedsNov. 20, 0810:11 AM

Go to: In comparison, North Dakota which is Republican state has nothing but Democrats (Conrad, Dorgan & Pomeroy) in the US Congress because they bring more federal money to their state than what the taxpayers pay to the feds; whereas, Minnesota is one of the worse states. We pay more to the Feds than what we get back. See the above link.

dalepetrieNov. 20, 0810:19 AM

Is it the fact that Coleman has challenged MORE ballots than Franken? Is it the fact that Coleman has declared himself the winner 4 times when the results haven't even been certified? Is it the fact that in addition to Democrat Ritchie, there are 2 Republicans, one Independent and one non-partisan? Or is it the fact that you have no clue what you're talking about and you're afraid to let the Secretary of State do his job and make sure that ALL the votes are counted and that the will of the voters is served, no matter what the outcome, because you FEAR that outcome won't work out the way YOU want it to?

tealokiNov. 20, 0810:21 AM

Remember 2000? That was the year an election was ACTUALLY stolen by the Republicans.

ttepleyNov. 20, 0810:24 AM

Dear Republican lambs, I know I don't even have to write this letter as you're all mindlessly drinking the kool-aid..but I thank you for your continued mindless support. Norm Coleman has done nothing for you, but yet you keep supporting him. Thanks. Also, keep up the good work spewing ignorance about the recount process. While there are four people on all sides watching each ballot being counted, please continue to believe the 'fix' is it clearly is! Remember, it's the same media that said I said I think Obama and other members of congress might have anti-american views. Yea, like someone could just go You Tube to see and hear me actually saying those things..the media lies! It's just an urban myth..oh yea, here's some more kool-aid...only Republicans are real americans. we'd never lie (or we'll at least just continue to lie to cover our lies)'s some more kool-aid... Thanks again! Sincerly, the most arrogant, ignorant, embarrassing person ever elected to represent Minnesota (and that's saying something!) Michelle Bachmann. p.s. keep on watchin out for those anti-americans!!!

bushcheney08Nov. 20, 0810:32 AM

Where do I start. Bachman was right calling Obama anti-american. Spreading the wealth is anti-american, socialized healthcare is anti-american, saying you would meet with the leaders of Iran and N.Korea is anti-american. Hanging out with known terrorist Bill Ayres is anti-american. Do you need more examples?? Look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers!!!!!!!!

dreesehaugenNov. 20, 0810:32 AM

State Law mandates the process of a close election. Let MN State Law and the process proceed without all of the nonsense. This is a tough situation for all of us. After the process is completed, whomever is the winner is the winner. Stop the nonsense, as the comments are showing ignorance, partisonship, and bias on the part of lots of people. Let the process work. Be patient, sports fans!!!!

jottoNov. 20, 0810:33 AM

Franken's reps trying to obtain a vote for Al when the ballot was marked for Dean Barkley. Barkley's circle was filled in completely and Al's circle had been outlined. Thats a vote for Dean Barkley. Not you! What jackasses.

Raven212430Nov. 20, 0810:38 AM

I should of voted more than my usual 5 times this year.

tealokiNov. 20, 0810:39 AM

bushcheney08.... It never ceases to amaze me.. The great thing about our country is that the freedom to be a lock-step lemming exists here.


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