Franken walks a fine line in visit to U.S. Capitol

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 19, 2008 - 10:55 PM

The Democrat met with the Senate majority leader and said he is "cautiously optimistic" about the recount result.

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razzy2000Nov. 19, 08 9:12 PM

Seriously, how in the heck did the people of Minnesota allow this to happen? Franken? Franken? Geezus you got to be kidding me. The guy is a cartoon, and why didn't he run for office if that is his true calling at this stage of his life in the state that he lives in? He might have been born in Minnesota but he is not a Minnesotan! And I sure think it is funny that all the "new" votes or recently "found" votes etc are all 100% in Franken's favor and the votes that may get tossed out are 100% Coleman's, man doesn't anyone else think there is something seriously wrong here? This has got to be criminal, but I guess since it is a Dem doing it to a Rep I guess everyone says it's ok. Wake up Minnesota, wake up the other 49 states your next. The CHANGE is starting already!

SnowdogNov. 19, 08 9:16 PM

I'm cheering for you, sir!

dhoehnNov. 19, 08 9:53 PM

The outcome of this recount is not in doubt. Franken, Ritchie and the Dems are going to "win" this seat no matter what it takes. Be damned what really occured on election day, the "adjustments" have already begun.

grunkiejrNov. 19, 0810:06 PM

Can you not find a better comment to feature than "Al, you are the better man"?

crosenberg5Nov. 19, 0810:09 PM

Sorry buddy. You don't have to live your entire life in the state to be a Minnesotan. Some are born here, raised here, and take the best values of the state to wherever they live and whatever they do. If you think that the definition of a Minnesotan is someone who never leaves the county they were born in, uff da you are not living in 2008. Take a vacation abroad...expand your mind. Love you. Kisses.

WaterloverNov. 19, 0810:12 PM

Typical party spin, and it doesn't matter which party, they both do it. With the amount of observers from BOTH SIDES watching over everything I don't think there is any funny business going on. It makes sense that Franken will gain votes, the state went to Obama, even if only 40% of the "undervote" goes to Franken (assuming Barkley gets his 15%) that means he's going to gain, the question is will it be enough? Besides, they've only counted 500,000 ballots so far, it could easily flip tomorrow depending on which part of the state gets reviewed tomorrow. If a strong Coleman area is counted tomorrow he could be up 500 votes.

gruisgruisNov. 19, 0810:33 PM

imagine the 300000 cadavers created by the bush/coleman/republican iraq policy.republicans are selfish and stupid.

duerkodsNov. 20, 0812:13 AM

By your way of thinking You are not blamming Iran and Iraq terroist who killed and suicide attacked their own people. No you are blaming Bush Coleman and Republicans even though Democrats supported the war as well. I guess if it was successful back in the day as it is now would you have praised Hillary for voting for the war? You are a idiot and maybe you should read a book or two because Olbermann is not cutting it for you. Bush is so bad yet what has a dfl congress or house done for you?

ExtramanNov. 20, 0812:15 AM

He hasn't won the seat? What is he doing in the halls of the Senate? Why are any senators bothering to waste time at this point with all they supposedly have on their plates?

sunshine2525Nov. 20, 0812:25 AM

Crunch today's numbers and you see that odds are still there for Norm to be on top of the recount when it's done. Unless Franken has some inside information he still trails. Al Franken will do as he's told by Democratic leadership. That's it, he won't be able to sort out anything major, because he can't even pay his taxes right. The country is melting down economicly. Berneke and Paulson have raped the country for trillions of dollars to the banks, Amy supported it because she couldn't figure out that these guys would lie and grab the money for the super rich just like the rich got the lifeboats on the the Titanic. Al is even dumber. Let Franken pretent to be Senator, any one of us would like to be Senator for a day. But when it comes to leading our country out of the mess it's in, Al won't do any good because he'll fall sucker to the power, just like he did with Iraq war and NAFTA. Rome burns, Nero fiddles.


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