Coleman, Klobuchar part ways on Big 3 bailout

  • Article by: FREDERIC J. FROMMER , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 18, 2008 - 5:36 PM
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stjohnsonNov. 18, 0812:44 PM

I'll be "inclined" to not vote for any legislator who supports this bailout as it is today. Where do you draw the line? Auto industry? Airlines?

wagn0404Nov. 18, 0812:44 PM

...because Mrs. Klobuchar doesn't understand economics.

elmo34Nov. 18, 0812:44 PM

So Amy. Please tell me where you believe you have been given the power to decide who lives and who dies in the free market? On what basis are you making those judgements? On the surface, it certainly seems like whoever puts forth the best doomsday scenario, gets the money. Is there a better way to decide? How about this? We got no money in the savings account. Can't spend no more.

jottoNov. 18, 0812:47 PM

Is this news? Anyone surprised by this. Spend, Spend, Spend

mnrob32Nov. 18, 0812:48 PM

DFL = Labor. She knows who pays her bills, the union wants this and she'll vote just like she is supposed to.

redstar1961Nov. 18, 0812:51 PM

Stick to the lead in toys issues for the next 4 years and let republicans get you out of this democrat financial mess.

ttepleyNov. 18, 0812:55 PM just as likely to vote for it too... yet all you Dem bashers can do is critize Amy. I don't support the bailout, but if it passes it will be because both republicans and democrats support it. Okay...go back to KTLK and the daily whine fest...

phreakshowNov. 18, 0812:58 PM

Waste more money on an industry that has been losing Money, Market Share and Consumer Confidence for the last 2 decades? Ms. Klobuchar would be well served to remember who she represents and who's moneyshe's spending. The Big 3 will need to engage in complete business trnasformation to ever hope to be competitive again. Look at the successes of the Japanese plants in the south and the decay of the Big 3 in the north. If they are given this handout, they'll be back in a year for more. They simply cannot make money in the US, let alone global market given their massive overhead. Perhaps bankruptcy would be a good idea, contracts would be invalidated and renogotiated, maybe then profit wouldn't be a fading memory and instead be a realistic goal.

beuford13Nov. 18, 08 1:01 PM

How about you go ahead and vote to slit your very own throat with a knife forged of taxpayers money?!?!

kitadabeagleNov. 18, 08 1:10 PM

Dear Amy: I was a marketing major in college. I wasn't particularly good with accounting or finance but I do have some basic economic question about ANY bailouts suggested by our government. It's an easy one that even you and Norm can answer: WHERE DO WE GET THE MONEY? We are broke. With all the spending on the war, we don't have the money. We didn't have the money to bail out Wall Street. We certainly don't have it to bail out the 3 Amigos. Where do we get it? Borrow more from China and Japan? They hold our currency right now. The day they decide to do away with the dollar is the day the dollar crashes. Do you have any bleepin' idea what that's going to do to my life savings? My 401K? My dad's? My friends?


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