Gay marriage and doing 'whatever you want' is wrong, says Prince

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 18, 2008 - 7:52 AM
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sausageNov. 17, 08 3:21 PM

The guy dresses and prances like a queen and we are supposed to take him as the moral icon? I would like to have his money--perhaps I would think I can be or say anything I wanted. I never liked him or his sound. He gives me the creeps. Shut up Prince!

dskarjuneNov. 17, 08 3:21 PM

Were this true, Prince would be a pillar of salt!

sgtsmashNov. 17, 08 3:22 PM

Leaving your gated community to knock on doors in LA? Around here, he'd probably not be able to get a word in edge-wise from fans. Out there, he's likely to get robbed, beaten or shot!

ExtramanNov. 17, 08 3:24 PM

This gonna make a lot of his fans mad. And make him some new ones. I admire his courage for standing up for what he believes.

spring123Nov. 17, 08 3:24 PM

So if he found something that he thinks forgives his trespasses, good for him. Maybe he tried to be too much to be the head of the household, that is why his wives might have left him, I don't know. But to each his own, and if this gives him peace, go for it.

vikingbackerNov. 17, 08 3:29 PM

Prince has knocked on doors in Chanhassen.. He seems to be passionate about his beliefs.. Good for him!

peejay3Nov. 17, 08 3:31 PM

... I never liked him or his music. Now he's into religion? RIGHT!!!!

pomooneNov. 17, 08 3:34 PM

Prince exemplifies what i find most frustrating about religion, especially as it is practiced in America. Prince can make MILLIONS with songs like "let's get crazy," etc. Then, once he is older and tamer... once he is done "experimenting" with drugs... once he has slept with half of the women of America... once he has capitalized on the actions and image of sin, he can sit back and cast stones at others. If he REALLY believed what he espouses, he would rid himself of his sinful assets, give away his licenses, etc., and follow the path of a truly devout Christian. Otherwise, he is just another example of once who wished to have his pious cake, and eat it, too.

ojman1Nov. 17, 08 3:34 PM

at times to knock on doors and proselytize." No way in hell would the reclusive, control-freak Prince expose himself like that.

karijoyNov. 17, 08 3:34 PM

Is this what they used to call in the "old days" a 'Bible Thumper" or do I have it wrong. I am really not interested in what people want to do with their lives whether it be religious or personnel. If you are the same sex and want to get married go for it. How come its not on our ballet to vote for? I would say yes.


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