Rejected absentee ballots: Should they count?

  • Article by: MARK BRUNSWICK and BOB VON STERNBERG , Star Tribune s taff writers
  • Updated: November 15, 2008 - 7:28 AM

Officials disagree on whether improperly completed absentee ballots should be made public.

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jbsaundersNov. 14, 08 4:55 PM

C'mon, the obvious question is why, is there some law or reg at issue here? If you don't ask and answer that question you are making him look like he's just deciding this arbitrarily. We really need to step up the quality of reporting. Just because the AP gives you this stuff, doesn't mean you have to publish it. Where are your own beat reporters on this?

greggenNov. 14, 08 4:56 PM

A review of the absentee ballots that were rejected, to see if they should have been rejected. Who can argue that this is something bad?

jacksonmarcsNov. 14, 08 4:59 PM

How many more votes is Ritchie going to steal for Al. What a crook!

jshelleyNov. 14, 08 5:33 PM

the will of the people is not over-turned if al the votes are counted. It is Coleman who is stonewalling. Why not have everyone shut up and let the process run its course?

SnowdogNov. 14, 08 6:09 PM

You owe Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, his office, and Minnesota voters an apology for what you said when you went along with that repeated lie about "32 ballots in a car trunk" on Hammity and Colmes on FAUX News. When and where are you planning on making this apology? Minnesotans would like to know.

SnowdogNov. 14, 08 6:21 PM

Hey board moderator! Couldn't let it stand that I pointed out the right wing fringe in these comments are working the refs on this story, huh? Couldn't let the truth be known about their orchestrated RNC/Coleman campaign tactics of smearing the Secretary of State and the campaign and supporters of Al Franken so they can get the decks stacked in their favor? It's worked so far, hasn't it? Look at the composition of the five-member canvassing board: One from a Democratic-Farmer-Laborer background, two from a Republican background, and two from an Independent background. That sure doesn't seem fair when this is between a Republican and a Democrat, does it? Well, it's not, thanks to your enabling this shout fest from the right in this comments and letting the lies and smears go unchallenged in your news stories. Way to cash in on your role of representing truth and the public good. What a shell of a newspaper the StarTribune has become.

RossbergNov. 14, 08 6:27 PM

SOS Ritchie should remove himself from the canvassing board which should have been made up solely of people not currently holding a partisan elected office. By staying on it he makes himself an issue no matter how objective he claims to be. When all of this is over, citizens will need to be confident that the outcome was fair and non-partisan and not feel they are represented by a Senator whose election is thought to be tainted.

dewey666Nov. 14, 08 6:27 PM

First Franklin's fake 84-year old voter story to support his lawsuit. When this is proven false, Mark "ACORN" Ritchie says he doesn't need a lawsuit to review the illegal absentee votes. The democrat party won't stop until they make enough votes to get their guy in.

marcusallenNov. 14, 08 6:33 PM

wow, there's one story about norm coleman the strib isn't censoring as "sensitive".....

clearthinkerNov. 14, 08 6:36 PM

We knew Mr. Ritchie would find enough votes for Al.


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