Could Senate recount referee's résumé color the result?

  • Article by: KATHERINE KERSTEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 13, 2008 - 11:15 AM
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csmathesNov. 11, 08 8:35 PM

KK, how do you still have a job?

minneamindsNov. 11, 08 8:41 PM

Need I say more? Probably . . .

Becky55438Nov. 11, 08 8:42 PM
cookulahNov. 11, 08 8:48 PM

...but what a paranoid idiot and GOP handpuppet you are, Kersten. Every single, freaking vote will be counted, by hand, with a representative from each party hovering over each shoulder to determine consensus on the voter's intent. But thanks anyway for helping to perpetuate the myth that if your guy loses, it must CERTAINLY be the result of a sinister fraud perpetrated by DFL evildoers. I often wonder how you still have your job, because your work so often reads like a trite and shallow parody of actual conservative thought. But maybe that's the Strib doing its readers a service - delivering the alternate perspective through a spoonfed, right-wing parrot who can't possibly be taken seriously.

tomruenNov. 11, 08 8:51 PM

Why not write something positive, like "This close election is a great demonstration of the strengths and weaknesses of our election process. When someone wins by 10%, no one cares to count every last vote. Let's all let the election counters do their job, and see what they find. Whomever wins, we can all be glad to be a part of democracy, where the people decide." We'll get back with yA on December 15th for some really juicy facts! Hurray!

eggplant23Nov. 11, 08 8:53 PM

Ms Kersten, Devoid of facts, reason or sensibility, and married to a political tribe (Republican) with a failed ideology and recent history of stirring malicious resentments in our country, you persist in looking for the liberal bogeyman in the shadows, under the bed, and in our voting booths. Please stop it. We have real challenges facing us-- try to resist your dark interior monologue and work for the positive. You might feel better about yourself. Peace. --DL Shakopee

BrandybuckNov. 11, 08 8:54 PM

.. on realizing that the SOS is an elected position. You pass 8th grade civics class. I read thru the whole article waiting for some tidbit of wisdom or a revelation of partisanship, only to be disappointed with "thus far, Ritchie has shown no evidence of misconduct." You did nothing to redeem yourself by including a partisan accusation from Rep Laurea Brod (R)-whoever that is - about a partisan S.O.S. responding to a partisan Senator's comments.

mn_cameraNov. 11, 08 9:06 PM

Please document it with a link to your column commenting on Katherine Harris' obvious partisanship in her role during the 2000 Florida recount. We're waiting...

slank04Nov. 11, 08 9:06 PM

What a disgusting cheap shot at Minnesota voters (who elected Ritchie) and the integrity of the vote. Minnesota's elections are clean, and are managed exceedingly well. This year is no different, despite the fraud-baiting lapped up by selected clowns from the right wing. If he was Norm Coleman, Ritchie would file a defamation suit or three.

caucuttNov. 11, 08 9:06 PM

KK,now you can understand how Democrats felt watching Katherine Harris operate in Florida in 2000.


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