Getting all lawyered up for Senate recount

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 12, 2008 - 2:59 PM

He's also expected to talk about the times and places for the Senate recount efforts.

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drichNov. 11, 08 2:53 PM

"shennanigans"? "Disturbing" incidents? Why don't the reporters follow up and ask for details? Otherwise it's all heresay from Coleman's campaign doing everything it can to raise doubts without any foundation.

ekfordyNov. 11, 08 2:54 PM

What are the odds that most of the so called found votes went to Al? This has fraud written all over it.

outdrs10Nov. 11, 08 2:59 PM

What's restaurant you like with all the crazy stuff on the wall? "You mean Shennanigans?"

joruth2000Nov. 11, 08 3:01 PM

Go right ahead and have your guys there... I would love to watch your face as the lead crumbs and you end up something like 6,000 votes less. You ran a nasty campaign against senator Wellstone and now against Al Franken. You are a negative man, I want a new senator, one that has the people of Minnesota first, not george bush. I can't believe ANYONE voted for you actually. But you have your pitbulls watch carefully and if you do um win, we lose. But if you do happen to pull this off we WILL BE WATCHING YOU NORMANgeorgeBUSHColeman. With a magnifying glass.

mikeybkorbNov. 11, 08 3:02 PM

Norm Coleman dispatching an army of lawyers to intimidate election judges DOES have fraud written all over it.

atoonceNov. 11, 08 3:05 PM

The story doesn't say why the 461 absentee ballots were rejected.

kgunchNov. 11, 08 3:07 PM

Is there an immovable limit on the number of words reportes can use for this paper? Why is there no depth to this reporting? Are they running a newspaper or a blog? Define "shennanigans." Give us examples of "disturbing" incidents. And who said the word" other" that precedes that description-- the Coleman lawyer or the reporter? If it's the reporter's word, what are the other disturbing incidents? This is just so shoddy. Give us a story with some meat in it, wouldja?

cosgrovewattNov. 11, 08 3:08 PM

The politics are over people. We voted. It's done. Do you really believe that Franken's people have had any influence over the official vote count? That is insulting to the men and women who have volunteered their time and taken an oath to server as our election officials. They deserve better. If there was any truth to it can can be sure that the Coleman campaign would be doing more then posturing.

nujohn53Nov. 11, 08 3:09 PM

Everything I have read or heard about Al Frankin is he is a dirtbag! Funny how ALL of the votes they are "finding" are for Al. Statistically not normal or very highly unlikely. Liberals will do anything to win. Al - I hope you lose!

mchlvrsnNov. 11, 08 3:14 PM

We better not actually count all of the votes, as Norm appears likely to lose. Keep the tradition of Florida alive & support the Republican Party!! If Norm wasn't such a sleazy loser, he'd gather more than 40% of the vote and we wouldn't be here. But even as an incumbent, a convincing majority of people clearly peferred somebody else. Even Ted Stevens is winning, even though he was convicted of seven felonies only a couple days before the election. Shows what we think of Norm....


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