A pre-count for the Coleman-Franken recount

  • Article by: BOB VON STERNBERG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 11, 2008 - 8:18 AM

The postelection audit isn't a recount - but it looks like one. And it may serve as a dress rehearsal for the biggest recount ever in Minnesota.

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flatbladeNov. 10, 0810:15 PM

An audit and a canvass. All of these things make the outcome look more and more legitimate to me. It has to be good news for Coleman is so few votes are changed, but Franken needs to net about one for every twenty precincts to win. In five precincts he netted two. This could go down to the wire folks! BTW, in the previous strib article the last paragraph said that Hennepin had +55 for Franken and +28 for Coleman, was that reflected in the most recent posting from the Secretary of State?

yoyo123Nov. 10, 0810:18 PM

Not neccesarily for this election, but that there is a watchdog group out there reviewing for the people. After they get done with that I hope someone cover's to the Minnesota Sales Tax Increase for Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage and Natural Areas Amendment. In other words, another pile of cash Minnesota government can take from.

JanglesNov. 10, 0810:38 PM

Wouldnt it be easier to just manufacture the votes necessary to get you candidate in office?

matsfan09Nov. 10, 0810:45 PM

If there should be a recount, I really think it should be the Michele Bachmann race. Honestly, people wouldn't have been stupid enough to re-elect her, right?... I am "concerned that she has Anti-intelligent views. I think we need a penetrating expose to determine what members of congress are pro-intelligence or anti-intelligence." I am pretty confident she would represent the latter with flying colors

academicianNov. 10, 0811:17 PM

You are aware that this oh-so-communist paper endorsed Coleman right? It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt.

RossbergNov. 10, 0811:21 PM

From the sound of it, most of the questionable votes (those marked with an X or check mark) have probably already been reviewed and counted so it will mainly come down to arguing about the validity of absentee ballots. Of the 461 that were excluded from the Hennepin County totals is there a count of how many votes were for each candidate?

chubbyparrotNov. 10, 0811:23 PM

DFLers, aren't you just kicking yourself for letting Franken bully his way into this? If you'd have kept the carpetbagger out you'd have a second female US Senator right now! Instead you're gonna look like a bunch of crybabies when the rest of the country is elated over Obama's victory. Nice job, idiots...big fat idiots!

olsteinbergNov. 10, 0811:38 PM

90% of the name-calling and insults you encounter in the comments on these post-election stories are abusive and derogatory comments aimed at Al Franken, Mark Ritchie, "liberals" in general, and the DFL. And yet Norm Coleman, who by the way was ENDORSED by the Star Tribune in this election, is in position to win, is leading in the reported votes, has every expectation to win and probably will be the final winner. All he needs to win by is 1 vote. I do not see how the results could shift by as much as 200 or more votes, since so much of the state votes by optical scan machine with paper ballots. This is not like 1962 when hundreds of precincts still used old-fashioned paper ballots, allowing for many odd marks and confusing scratch-outs. In most cases now, the machine rejects an improperly marked ballot and the voter is supposed to get a second chance while the bad ballot is destroyed. There is of course still some room for human error, both by election judges and voters, but you'd expect that kind of error to be evenly distributed among the three candidates. Statisticians may argue that the election is still not settled, but it looks to me like Coleman will come out on top. Then I would like to hear the ill-tempered, foul-mouthed Coleman partisans on this and other websites, admit they were wrong. As for the minority of pro-Franken commenters who are still aiming invective at Norm, I suggest you stow it. The votes have all been cast so why keep ranting? It accomplishes nothing.

johndrake6Nov. 10, 0811:42 PM

The video starts out making a point that only appears at the very end of the written text: the audit reviews all votes from a small selection of precincts from each county. Also --and I'm guessing here-- cases where the voter's intent is clear to an observer in one of the ways the Strib has described (circling instead of filling in the spots, putting an X beside the choice, etc), probably aren't considered in the voting machine's error rate and probably aren't included in the number of corrections the auditors are counting.

smilesNov. 10, 0811:44 PM

The Star Tribune's headline that inaccurately characterized the recount as a "Brawl" in an article that falsely stated that Franken was challenging the count (when he was silently abiding by a state law that required a recount for any race that was a hundred times less close) has recklessly politicized this process. Bad journalism: you should be ashamed. Steve Miles


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