Tech's rise had its roots in comeback against U

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 11, 2008 - 12:52 AM

Two years after Texas Tech got Glen Mason fired by rallying from 31 points down, the Red Raiders are a college football powerhouse.

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betaband2Nov. 10, 08 8:57 PM

retire already! no one cares what you have to say anymore jaba the reusse!

JWOLBAUMNov. 10, 08 9:43 PM

Don't let some Star Wars geek tell you how to write. I appreciate your insightful articles.

jonwandNov. 10, 0810:27 PM

maybe Patrick is gettin his payback for ripping Dubay as being a no talent idiot! I love it...Patrick is a pretty good writer but he does look like a beached whale at least as much as he looks like Jaba. He doesn't need to retire though. Sid shoulda retired the day Reagan was elected. Between Sid, Dave, Daryl, and Dave, the ol' neighbor certainly sounds cheesy!

eman68Nov. 10, 0810:57 PM

The Gophers didn't lose to Texas Tech because of Tech's 31 points in the second half. The Gophers lost to Texas Tech because they STOPPED scoring in the second half. The Gophers had 35 points at the half and 38 at the end of regulation. They tried to milk the clock in the middle of the third quarter. Had they scored more than 3 points total in the second half, they would have won. Mason simply got too conservative when he got ahead -- just like he did against Michigan in 2003. He always played 'not to lose' rather than playing for the win. When you're up, you've got to go for the jugular. Pour it on. Up by 28? Run a reverse. Up by 35 and facing 3rd and 1? Fake it up the middle and throw it 40 yards downfield. A team can't come from behind if you keep scoring, especially if you're ahead by 4 touchdowns and a field goal. Who cares if you embarrass the other coach? If he doesn't want you to run it up, then he should tell his boys to play some defense. Just ask Steve Spurrier. He knows how to win. People may not like him for it, but he gets the last laugh. Just win baby.

j_m_t_usNov. 11, 0812:15 AM

He is a decent baseball writer but I pretty much quit reading him the rest of the year.

cup1414Nov. 11, 08 1:57 AM

j_m_t_us, If you quit reading him the rest of the year why are you reading this article? I thought this was a very good article.

kidjonNov. 11, 08 3:41 AM

Lets talk about the several other 4th quarter melt downs the Gophers had under the helm of Glen Mason.

jojo6675Nov. 11, 08 8:08 AM

it really wasn't mason's fault he lost that game/ he shouldn't have been fired/ I hate Brewster (that's what fatty says, not me) apparently fat reusse has to write a certain amt of college football articles, and his thoughts start with... hmmm, how can i rip on brewster, or praise mason, or both? get over it pat, Mase is GONE, we have BREW, deal with it.

schmitty52Nov. 11, 08 8:14 AM

How to give up 5 scoring drives in 23 minutes!!! The biggest chapter in the book.

motschNov. 11, 08 8:39 AM

People, this is a story about Texas Tech and how they've grown to become the #1 team in college football. Part of that growing for them happened to be a game when the game back to win against the Gophs. It's not meant to be a statement for or against Mason, or Brewster. Reusse is simply stating that the Gophs got to witness first hand the offensive prowess of the now #1 team in college football back in '06. This was a great article...stop filling in blanks with whatever you feel like.


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