Pawlenty unveils new package of tax breaks

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2008 - 10:39 PM

Pawlenty unveils a new package of tax breaks designed to help the state's economy and spur new "green" employment in the field of sustainable energy.

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iluvminnNov. 10, 0811:13 AM

Giving meritocracy a chance is key to success. Pawlenty has some good pilot projects in the pipeline that fit in with the new Constitutional Amendment. Minnesota has some incredible talent waiting for politicians to get out of the way.

EleanoreNov. 10, 0811:15 AM

So another opportunity for residents to pick up the tab for corporate profits.

dinojimNov. 10, 0811:20 AM

Enough with the green stuff already. We are all going to be broke and cold from the lack of energy and rising prices.......

stribmenotNov. 10, 0811:27 AM

I have a good friend that lost her job to outsourcing at the very facility in Banglore India that Pawlenty visited to promote Minnesota. What he truly was promoting was lower cost wages for business while Minnesotans lost their jobs. Best Buy has sent their accounting/finance jobs to India, Target has an IT presence in India along with a slew of other companies moving Minnesota jobs overseas. And while these businesses see a reduction in salary expense, the CEO's and upper management gives themselves a bonus for cutting expenses. There are 2 very real problems that needs to be fixed, moving jobs overseas and CEO pay. I will never ever vote for Pawlenty again because I know which side of the fence he sits on...and that is the side of big business. Pawlenty is a fraud and is only doing lipservice saying he wants to create jobs. If he had his way, Minnesotans would still be losing jobs to their Indian counterparts.

iluvminnNov. 10, 0811:56 AM

Most have never heard of the technologies being developed. Fewer still have the insight to develop them. You will not vote for them but you will buy them.

raymondb62Nov. 10, 0812:28 PM

And just how was Gov. Veto going to pay for all these tax credits he is throwing around? Is he really going to back off his no-tax pledge and allow the State to finally bring in the revenue it needs to fund needed services? Or is this just another smoke screen courtesy of the Governer?

EleanoreNov. 10, 0812:58 PM

I guess we'll find out, eh?

jamespatrickNov. 10, 08 1:21 PM

So people on here don't want to invest in the future because it will cost a little now in the form of tax breaks for businesses? If you don't invest in local businesses, how do you expect to grow them? Sure, loss of jobs overseas is a major problem, as is CEO pay - and while those are not unrelated issues (not entirely) - they need to be solved with other programs and/or legislation (i.e. tax breaks for American companies that, gasp, keep jobs in America) and shouldn't just be lumped in with the argument for or against green tax breaks. Tax credits to bring green jobs to Minnesota and keep them here is a good growth idea. Period. Everyone needs to get over their predilection that if an idea comes from an opposing party, it's a bad idea. Tax credits for businesses that brings jobs (green or other) or keeps jobs shouldn't be seen with such contempt. These are your jobs. In addition, green jobs are going to be exploding in the immediate future, and the sooner you get ahead of the game the better. Similar to the investments Obama wants to put toward green jobs and energy. Because once it's being developed -- you're either playing catch up and you're a buyer (like the US, for oil) or you're a producer (Middle East, for oil). We're sure got the short end of the oil deal. Granted, that has a lot to do with geography. But green energy takes many forms. So let's not get behind the eight ball when it comes to renewable energy too.

pfbramNov. 10, 08 1:44 PM

"Green" has sometimes been little more than a ruse for more corporate subsidy of dirty/expensive alternatives to oil/coal (nuclear and ethanol), so what I'm hoping for is an energy/economic renaissance that'll expand solar/wind/geothermal/hydrogen. A means of energy that can be locally owned/managed, either by co-ops, communities or private individuals. Some mechanism for easy exchange of energy (for instance, buy/trade fuel cells on the open market, pop them into the power plant in your basement or car, etc.) But until the US can get a grip on still grossly-overprice real estate and a declining economy, bright engineers will be working "safe" but pointless jobs in cubicles, and a generation of young people will (wisely) avoid science, engineering, IT, etc. because those jobs are going overseas so fast it'll make your head spin.

raymondb62Nov. 10, 08 2:08 PM

It's not partisan to ask how the Governor plans to pay for those tax breaks. And by the way, the biggest fallacy in business today is that tax breaks grows businesses. We've had 8 years of unprecidented tax breaks for businesses and no growth. Demand grows businesses, not tax breaks. Put money in the hands of the middle class and you will see it going to those companies in the form of increased purchases. Then an education campaign can be used to teach consumers how to use their purchases to mold corporate behavior. That's how true capitalism should work!


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