For Ritchie, keeping recount nonpartisan is main goal

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2008 - 10:11 AM

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, a DFLer, won election two years ago after accusing his GOP predecessor of bringing partisan bias to the office.

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flounder43Nov. 9, 0810:36 PM

"a liberal DFLer". What? Liberal how? And who fed you that word?

flounder43Nov. 9, 0810:48 PM

what a right wing hit piece.

wakemakerNov. 9, 0811:07 PM

how is it that so far all of the mistakes have gone to benefit Franken? Don't they make mistakes on both sides of the ballot? If people don't understand Coleman's camp saying this smells, they're just shills for their party. I'm not suggesting anything is going on but it certainly raises some questions.

toddorunoNov. 9, 0811:17 PM

can you imagine if a some guy showed up with 100 Republican votes now - what the liberals reaction would be? enough said. they are the bigges bunch of liberal hypocrites. sickening

qualtroughNov. 9, 0811:19 PM

The author of this article uses the word 'liberal' as if it is a bad thing. A consistent theme in traditional definitions of 'Liberal' describes those who are broad-minded and support individual liberties. Once something to be proud of, the right wing noise machine redefined it to mean anyone to the left of the far right. Ironically, and without realizing it, the present 'Conservatives' have redefined that term as well, which once referred to individuals who favored tradition, gradual change, and strict adherence to the Constitution. It is time for Liberals to proudly reclaim the word, now that we have had a chance to see what 'Conservative' really means.

okabena9Nov. 9, 0811:19 PM

you just speak to hear your own voice. All the "mistakes" have not gone to Franken, but the shift in margin has moved his way. Nothing smells except the propaganda and posturing. The Coleman camp, the statistics geniuses who have already said the changes are "statistically impossible" which is in fact impossible, will call anything "suspect" unless it favors their margin. It's called bias from a bunch of math challenged partisans. Take your time, get the count right. We've got 10+ weeks.

jimkellerNov. 9, 0811:20 PM

You're right that it is suspicious that most of the changes in the vote have benefited Franken. I'm not suggesting anything either, but the shift toward Franken is what would happen if the Republicans were initially suppressing Franken's totals and got caught.

designer56Nov. 9, 0811:43 PM

I found 1000 ballots under my mattress for the Porn king. Count those too rat.

kandidanNov. 10, 08 4:16 AM

and Godspeed in keeping the recount non-biased in a circus maximus atmosphere like this.

toolman28Nov. 10, 08 5:24 AM

Why do the GOP NOT want all votes counted ? They are willing to send our men and woman off to Ieraq to be killed in the name of Democrocy but do there best to supress it here at home I would think that Coleman who rubber stamped Bush's agenda for 6 years including invading Iraq for the 328 reasons we had to and bringing democrocy and the right to vote to Iraq being the last one would welcome a true counting of the votes GOP - Hypocrits all the way


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