Ballot by ballot, victor to emerge

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 9, 2008 - 12:50 AM
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mergentrNov. 9, 08 3:42 AM

Al Franken and his DFL comrades don't have any morals. They don't care how they win. Once all the deceased vote has been counted and enough non-voters have been assumed Al Franken voters, we'll have a new Senator. It doesn't matter if you win democratically or not in their circle...winning is winning!

classicgkNov. 9, 08 4:30 AM

new voters, who are more likely minorities, are dfl and for franken - and be less likely to fill the oval completely and to have circled the name of the candidate instead. From what I have read the machines have an error rate of 2 per thousand or about six thousand votes in this election.

barry392002Nov. 9, 08 5:33 AM

Unless of course you count Norms claim of victory. This story is merely describing the legal procedure by which a recount is done. The recount is done when the results are this close. "Winning is winning" lets wait until the recount is complete shall we?

baller77Nov. 9, 08 6:56 AM

...the recount is a state law, so quit whining republicans and stop trying to supress the vote!

jjohnson1120Nov. 9, 08 7:36 AM

And this is limited to Democrats? This is just one of the problems with a system that has only 2 major parties. It's a divisive process, where negativity and attacks trump honesty, integrity and focusing on the issues. Both Coleman and Franken went for the jugular and the losers are us.

ExtramanNov. 9, 08 8:36 AM

The shameless DFL has consistently fought to erode the minimal common sense voter requirements because it benefits their party. And their flag bearer in MN is the extreme partison Mark Ritchie (whoops, sorry I sent that fundraising letter using the state database). If the previous SOS Kiffmeyer was in charge there would be rioting in the streets over this Senate election. It doesn't get any worse in a democracy than corrupting the polls. This legacy of "stuffing the ballot box" has old roots in the DFL so questioning it now is just common sense at the least.

huphuphupNov. 9, 0810:03 AM

Your statements are rediculous. You have no proof of corruption, you just throw out the statements as fact and then I suppose you will find the proof later. Or most likely not find any proof. Go watch Fox News, that seems to be more up your alley.

ExtramanNov. 9, 0810:18 AM

just like the oh so objective MSNBC? You liberals have to come up with some new material instead of that same old tired illogical teenagerish type arguments.

jesse78Nov. 9, 0810:39 AM

Why are republicans so bitter? Even when you agree with them they want to argue about it.

keeserNov. 9, 0811:35 AM

The law is pretty clear in this case. A recount is mandated. Representatives of both parties will be monitoring the recount. I suppose if you are a tin foil hat nutjob, then you can convince yourself that Ritchie, the two Supreme Court Justices and the two Ramsey County judges are all part of a DFL plot to steal the election. Let the count be completed as required by law.


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