Allen shows off his calf-roping, just part of some optimism-raising

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 3, 2008 - 12:44 AM
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dbty24Nov. 3, 08 5:34 AM

I don't want to sound dour after yesterday, and I absolutely don't want to start a bash Childress feeding frenzy, but the Vikings are 0-5 against Green Bay under "Chilly", and I would think that next week is a must win for reasons greater than just what the standings will look like.

carlos38Nov. 3, 08 6:15 AM

I agree with dbty24 - Chilly - you HAVE to take down the pack next week. They are huge rivals & so far you have lost every game. If you want some fans on your side, now is the time. Please come up with a game plan to beat the cheese heads. Congrats on the victory against the Texans. It's amazing what happens when you keep feeding AP the ball huh? Go Vikes!

jplampNov. 3, 08 6:37 AM

'What kind of country would this be if you can't tie up a calf?' Hilarious and may be the strangest rhetorical question ever - must be a Texas rodeo thing Minnesotans can't relate to.

srpirsigNov. 3, 08 6:41 AM

Tice knew it. Denny Green knew it. The Packers game was the most important game on the schedule. Vikings teams came in fired up and prepared. Chilly???? He doesnt get it. Come on Chilly...if you want to win over the purple faithful... it all starts with a whipping of the Packers. Make sure your team is ready!

tassoqNov. 3, 08 7:10 AM

It's refreshing not having to watch another sloppy played game. They limited penalties and had one turn over. But, they did allow the Texans (a very mediocre team) to hang around the game until the end and did allow a lot of big offensive drives that the Texans, fortunately for the Vikings, were not able to cash in. That the Vikings lacked that "knock out punch" does concern me. Good teams are able to finish the kill when they know they have their opponents against the ropes.

howdoodieNov. 3, 08 7:13 AM

It may be a thing that URBAN Minnesotans can't relate to.

purplehissNov. 3, 08 7:20 AM

I thought it was a "Jack in the Box" Looked like he was winding one of those old kid toys, and he was the one popping out! Great to see the defense actually stop someone at the end of a game though!

BROMPTON5Nov. 3, 08 7:35 AM

Had to "watch" this game on the computer. Perhaps it's looking at cold numbers that makes it hard to have any enthusiasm about this team. Here's what I saw (tell me if I'm wrong) The defense comes up big at the end of the game with back to back sacks giving the Vikings first and goal on the Houston 2 yd line an Chilly decides to kneel...twice. Why not take a shot at another score? Even a gutless coach might call for a field goal with time ticking off. Isn't there a possibility that in a tiebreaker situation (something which looms large when mediocre teams are involved) points scored may eventually come up? Even if tha's not the case, this is a team (or coach) that's playing not to lose...

stf279Nov. 3, 08 7:46 AM

they're just going to lose next's just more of the same from last year. They get our hopes up and then fall at the end. If I saw more competence from this team I might actually be excited about them. They should just lose the rest of the year so Chilly can go away and get a better draft pick - for a quarterback.

u4775Nov. 3, 08 7:57 AM

The Packers played toe to toe with Tennessee on the road and the Vikings played toe to toe with the Texans at home. That alone shows where the Vikings fit.

I am hopeful next week but not expecting a win, in the previous coaching sweepstakes, we lost and the Packers won, and the effects are far reaching.

At this point, Ferotte is only marginally better than Jackson, he played better on his last tour with the Vikings. His recognition and throws seem to be late too often.


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