Investments by Wilf begin paying off on the field

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 3, 2008 - 12:44 AM

The Vikings owner spent heavily on free agents in the offseason. During the game Sunday, his money seemed well spent.

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howdoodieNov. 2, 0810:13 PM

Now get us a real coach!

vikings1331Nov. 2, 0810:54 PM

The Triangle of Authority may have put together an impressive free agent haul over the past three years but it's only because they can't draft for s#@%!. With the exception of AP every other draft pick has turned out to be average, marginal or a flat out bust relative to their draft position. Look at Griffin, Cook, Rice and Allison all marginal players. Greenway and Edwards are average and TJack is a bust. Now if Ziggy could only spend some money on a coach and a QB, we would be all set!

youngtNov. 2, 0811:33 PM

Just like you did with Jared Allen. Many teams have 2 capable QB's who would let one go for a 1st round pick. You could end up with Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Matt Cassell, or Donovan McNabb this way. Hire Bill Cowher or Brian Billick and lets get rolling. Zygi fired The Meathead after a 9-7 season. This article serves notice that the ream is upwardly mobile due to the free agent signings of the past 4 years but a proven QB and coach would lead to elite status. Do you want that publicly-funded stadium, or do you want to pay for it yourself like Dan Snyder or Bob Kraft, Zigg?

stevenv55125Nov. 3, 08 3:12 AM

Hard to fault taking Adrian Peterson (Rookie of the Year), Sidney Rice (Other than Calvin Johnson, the best WR in draft), Greenway is in his second year - outplaying AJ Hawk - a first rounder taken high. Overall, they have done well and traded up and down to get people. Have to agree on Tjack - took a flyer when it was not necessary.

BobK898Nov. 3, 08 7:22 AM

Don't forget McCauley, he's a bust too.

dikcwadNov. 3, 08 7:31 AM

is houston a powerhouse?:) may be a longer afternoon playing a few of the other teams...

gunslingerskNov. 3, 08 8:01 AM

mull this one over-Indy finishes up around 6-10 and misses the playoffs and they fire tony dungy-do you think there may be somewhwere where he would be welcomed with open arms? DUH!

minnesotakrpNov. 3, 08 9:20 AM

Not an untrue sentiment. However, Wilf likes a low return apparently since he still has Childress on the sidelines. The return could be substantially higher, and should have been. The + column player-wise says the Vikings should be much better than a .500 team. T-Jack and Childress have been the weakest links in the system. One is on the pine. The other we can rely on to blunder his way to at best, a .500 finish, or less. It's sad to think we have a muscle car sitting on the driveway because there is no one qualified to drive it. Wilf could have done so much more with so much less money invested by ridding Minnesota of Childress at the end of last year, or early this year. Now we have the players and a lot of dough spent, but the weakest link is still in the chain. No matter how long that chain is quality wise or how strong the other links are, it breaks with Childress. The Vikings must have a coach capable of making the chain strong from one end to the other, and we know Childress is not that coach.

gandolf1111Nov. 3, 08 9:21 AM

tony dungy, now there's an idea.

surebanNov. 3, 0810:24 AM

"...Darren Sharper (FAC '05) fielded the Texans' onsides kick." ONSIDE. Spellcheck? kthx.


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