Brewster's value to Gophers grows beyond words

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 31, 2008 - 6:25 AM
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edkarjalaOct. 30, 08 9:49 PM

NU could jump and bite us still and Michigan will be no push over. All the remaining teams will be gunning for the Gophers. This is the time when we find out what this team is made of and how they are coached.

khunterOct. 30, 08 9:53 PM

One cannot judge a coach in one season, nor can we judge this season after 8 games. But to this point, Coach Brewster has changed the mentality and attitude of players and fans. For that, kudos Coach!

cory14Oct. 30, 0810:45 PM

good luck this weekend coach

HWilli9371Oct. 30, 0811:40 PM

Good article, Souhan, but what you missed on was your initial criticism around "seething at perceived and sometimes nonexistent slights". You forget that we can all watch the press conferences now online. Brewster throws out a little "nobody thought we could do it" one time per PC, as he deserves to do after a 1-11 season when admittedly, nobody thought they could do it. But he spends the other 19 of 20 minutes praising his players individually and by name, praising his coaching staff, and being "relentlessly positive" as he has said he likes to be. That attitude is EXACTLY what the Gophers needed to overcome 40 years of ineptitude and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Let's hope Joel Maturi, who has also done a nice job, can keep him around for the long term.

mmectOct. 30, 0811:54 PM

last year i told people to give brewster 4 years...turns out i was a bit off...congrats Gophs on an already successful season!

dac4gophsOct. 31, 0812:17 AM

Souhan ... The last Brewster hater to figure it out. What a moron.

gregor22Oct. 31, 0812:23 AM

Just like to see the Gophers offer some to Big 10 schools that have consistantly beat us over the past 40 years. Looking forward to this year's recruiting class and what Brewster and his coaches will accomplish.

GophercardsOct. 31, 0812:35 AM

Putting Mike Maciejowski in to run the 2 point conversion at Ohio Stadium was a class act. I was impressed Coach Brewster did it and disappointed Glen Mason, covering the game for the Big 10 Network, didn't notice. I've also enjoyed Coach Brewster's awareness of the Gopher legacy. Last year's tribute to the 1967 Big 10 Champs was nice.

kitadabeagleOct. 31, 0812:59 AM

Let's face the facts. The Big 10 is one of worse conferences right now. All teams are mediocre, including Ohio State. Penn State appears to be the only contender for a national title. The Gophers has done well but has not faced SEC, Pac10, or even Big 12 competition. I'll give Brewster is due for what he's accomplished so far, but I'm not going to hand him 'Coach of the year' honors nor do I want to see an extension. Let him finish the season and see what he does in bowls and see what happens next year with the new stadium.

vikson64Oct. 31, 08 5:42 AM

Is not synonomous with losing credibility with anyone else. What an arrogant statement. What? A coach is supposed to do anything but be positive and promote his program? How stupid. If a coach doesn't display belief in his team, his players, his coaching staff and himself, how is he supposed to expect anyone to? I think with, mainstream people who are not trying to keep a writing job, he gained credibility with his enthusiasm and work ethic. And the idiots who were calling for his head this past August and saying he would never be a good Big Ten coach, were in the minority.


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