Suit alleges ally funneled $75,000 to the Colemans

  • Article by: PAUL MCENROE and TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune s t aff w r iters
  • Updated: October 31, 2008 - 10:43 AM

The senator's camp denied the claim, calling it a "vicious, defamatory attack."

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jimbob21aOct. 30, 08 9:44 PM

I'm sure you'll be quite comfortable at your new address: Jail.

djb101Oct. 30, 08 9:49 PM

Housing deals from donors/supporters/political beneficiaries. Under the table income from the same. Unreported clothing "gifts" from "longtime friends" a/k/a political benefactors. Lavish trips and re-election cash big-money interests. What else would one expect from a political chameleon the likes of Norm Coleman. Minnesota is a means and not an end for this empty suit opportunist. Someone please put this guy in jail.

dmhopstockOct. 30, 08 9:51 PM

I want to see this story on the front page of the StarTribune tomorrow. I also want to read a retraction of the Strib's endorsement of Coleman on the editorial page tomorrow.

wonderboy197Oct. 30, 08 9:56 PM

since they just endorsed him. But this is something that is going to get bigger as the weekend progresses. Stay tuned...

djb101Oct. 30, 0810:01 PM

Housing deals from political supporters/beneficiaries. Clothing "gifts" from "longtime friends" a/k/a political power seekers. Unearned income funneled through fakes salary payments to his spouse. Lavish trips from big-money supporters in successful search of legislative favors. Minnesota's senior senate seat is for sale. All high bids accepted. This is a stain on all of us and those who have honorably served Minnesota in this office before Coleman. Please Minnesotans, Coleman does not represent us. The only constituency he knows is himself.

FattireguyOct. 30, 0810:04 PM

I saw the video of Star/Trib reporters trying to get Sen. Coleman to comment on this at Huff Post and he wanted nothing to do with them. Can this be true? If there is any merit to this, isn't this a BIG development? Part of the "free suit" issue a couple of weeks ago also involved Mrs. Coleman (an alledged actress) working as an insurance agent for this company... Something's going on...

smithdeweyOct. 30, 0810:08 PM

... Norm obviously can't. Perhaps if he wanted to enjoy a higher lifestyle than what his senate salary would allow he should have sought some other line of work. This is just another one of many stories about the owner of this telemarketing firm paying Norm's bills -- clothing, rent, utilities and now $75,000 cash. He's a kept man, which is not a healthy attribute in a Senator.

eskimospyOct. 30, 0810:09 PM

I find it ironic that just this past Tuesday, Norm Coleman called for fellow Republican Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) to resign due to Steven's recent conviction of accepting gifts from a lobbyist. ---- snip from Star Tribune ---- In the wake of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens' conviction on ethics violations, Sen. Norm Coleman called Tuesday for his Republican colleague to resign. ...A jury found Stevens guilty Monday of failing to disclose $250,000 in free home renovations and other gifts from a wealthy oil contractor. Stevens, a senator since 1968, said he was not guilty and vowed to fight the verdict. --------------------------------- Perhaps this is the real reason Norm filed a defamation lawsuit today against challenger Al Franken, because he knew this news item was about to be revealed. His obvious attempt to divert attention from his mounting issues with ethics will fail. ENOUGH of this nonsense! Minnesota deserves better. I just sent Democratic Challenger Al Franken a contribution. Let's get everyone out to vote and say 'buh-bye' to Norm's questionable ethics and self-serving ways.

bbarrieOct. 30, 0810:10 PM

This story was brewing as the lawsuit story broke. Pathetic, Mr. Coleman. Let's see if the Star Tribune has the guts to cover this "diversion" story. Sadly, they themselves are caught up in it.

PIKE1973Oct. 30, 0810:11 PM

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah...Hey, Hey, Hey...GOODBYE!!!


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