Coleman sues Franken campaign over ads

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 30, 2008 - 8:56 PM

The GOP incumbent accuses his challenger's campaign of running ads that contain false statements. Franken's staff says the claims are "factual and true."

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KepmeisterOct. 30, 0812:28 PM

He's ahead in the polls. To say Coleman lives in a million dollar mansion and pays little rent is a lie. The guy lives in a small apartment in the house and pays $600. He doesn't even have a kitchen.

swschradOct. 30, 0812:29 PM

I don't know about "fourth most corrupt," but Normie has got more sweetheart deals going than Ted Stevens. Franken's probably going to have to do a couple books a year to afford rent in Washington, but that's the way it works there. let's all just bloody shut the hell up and get the vote taken, already!

doug14Oct. 30, 0812:30 PM

... that is Norm for ya. Next he'll switch parties again. Guaranteed he will not "see this lawsuit through"

julianas68Oct. 30, 0812:32 PM


blakprincOct. 30, 0812:34 PM

This flip-flop carpetbagger from the east wanna sound like JFK wannabee should be ashamed of his self. Sen. Coleman is crying like a newborn that needs to be changed. The guy has some nerve attempting to sue anyone after all of the garbage that he has attempted to dump on Franken. Just another fine example of the lacking Manhood in MN Legislature and politics.

scooberOct. 30, 0812:34 PM

Remember last year when Paul Dorr and Ron Stoffel (both hard core Republicans) sued the Robbinsdale School District for the right to lie. I guess based on the republicans, you only have the right to lie when it benfits your cause.

ChachiHOct. 30, 0812:35 PM

Like the last two suits that were dropped by Coleman, this is just another cheap stunt to smear his opponent at a point when there is little time for rebuttle.

Brentar26Oct. 30, 0812:37 PM

This is one lawsuit that Coleman may see through. It all depends what happens Tuesday and we should know by midnight on the 4th as to whether or not he will go through with it.

paulkuehlOct. 30, 0812:41 PM

Did anyone make the connection that Coleman's "landlord" on his little $600 place in DC is Jeff Larson. That is the same Jeff Larson that spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin's outfit. Nice cronies - I'm sure there is nothing crooked about this... Speaking of campaign ads: in case you missed it, search for "Al Franken Disgrace" in YouTube. You'll see the Coleman ad that totally took Franken out of context! This wasn't a good move for Coleman. A lawsuit is only going to make him look like a baby. Who should have waited 5 days for this.

PetfarmOct. 30, 0812:41 PM

Maybe this would make sense from anyone other than Norm, the master of sleazy campaigning. What could be worse than spewing out negative ads until people were sick of them, then claiming you were taking the high road by discontinuing them, knowing your supporters would keep making them for you? The only thing lower would be announcing over and over again, to any media that would listen, that "you were just too decent of a guy" to campaign during your opponents funeral, which is exactly what Norm did to win 6 years ago.


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