Poll: Obama maintains big lead in Minn.

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: October 30, 2008 - 11:50 AM

The Democratic candidate holds a 19 percentage point lead over Republican McCain, the Minnesota Public Radio News/University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute poll finds.

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MinneapolisRyanOct. 30, 08 8:55 AM

Let it begin. "These polls are _______ because ______"

NICOLE4511Oct. 30, 08 8:57 AM

Did anyone even believe that we were actually going to let another greasy republican back into the White House? Keep licking the lead paint on your Casper figurine.

JlhotkaOct. 30, 08 8:57 AM

Correct - because Minnesotans aren't dumb enough to buy into this drivel. I saw "Joe the Plumber" standing next to Sarah Palin at a rally yesterday. Can it get any more pathetic?

kmlsmuOct. 30, 08 8:58 AM

The worst election featuring two nothing candidates.

rookie6886Oct. 30, 08 8:59 AM

Exerpt from the NY Times in early 2008. Funny, we haven't heard much about this since he's been "annointed" The One - "In 1994 ACORN filed a law suit against traditional financial requirements used by banks and lending institutions when approving home loans. the lawyer representing ACORN was Barack Obama. Because of this lawsuit, in 1995, the Clinton administration pushed through new regulatory revisions that greatly expanded the Community Reivestment Act or "CRA". CRA was a law enacted under the Carter administration to help poor individuals obtain home mortgages. These 1995 home mortgage regulatory revisions led to the development of the sub prime mortgage market. These changes resulted in "NINJA loans", home loans given to people with "no income, no job and no assets." HUD reported recently that over 5 million illegal immigrants fraudulently qualified for these sub prime loans." - And this is who we're electing President? Go ahead, start clicking that you don't like this comment. It's all fact, which apparently is being chosen to be ignored by the vast majority of us. But there's no name calling, no slander, no disrespect. In fact, every day I'm more amazed and awed of Obama. He's going to win in a landslide despite all of this. He's had America and 90% of its media wrapped around his proverbial little finger since day one. Sad.

loonznticksOct. 30, 08 9:03 AM

one's Republican roots may be, it is near impossible to listen to Palin/McCain and feel as though they are presidential in ANY way. The latest bit about the L.A. newspaper that won't release the "party" tapes....well, that is the final straw. You might expect something like this at the high school election. It screams of desperation and a very weak campaign team. If this is how they react to difficulty with the polls, what could we expect with these two running the country?

atomicfxOct. 30, 08 9:03 AM

If Obama wins Minnesota by 19 points, I'll eat my laptop. Is there a reputable polling company in Minnesota? Didn't think so....

notforjoeighOct. 30, 08 9:03 AM

How much do you want to bet that the 19 point lead actually turns out to be less than half? These polls are not worth the paper they are printed on.

highhopesOct. 30, 08 9:03 AM

These stats are very encouraging, and not just for the Obama campaign. Can we see the voters also voting for Franken, Saarvi, Tinklenberg, and Madia? Not if folks read articles like this and assume they won't need to show up at the polls! Vote for Obama on Tuesday, but whatever you do, vote for the overhaul in congress that will ensure the new day Barack promises.

elo_62Oct. 30, 08 9:05 AM

This election has been over for months. Obama is going to win in a landslide whether we like it or not. McCain is washed-up! Better times are ahead! Praise God!


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