Callers question registered Minnesota voters' eligibility

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 29, 2008 - 11:30 PM

Secretary of state disavowed any link, saying calls should be reported. The conservative nonprofit Minnesota Majority defends its actions.

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sivacromOct. 29, 0810:28 PM

It's always an argument "Both sides are guilty of yada, yada, yada." But, when it comes to voter intimidation, it's always the conservatives who are channeling the dark powers of bile and scum to help them derail the voting process. And they always convince themselves that their doing good by believing that voters are liars who want to defraud their own republic. Show us why Conservatism is dying, Minnesota Majority. Be the example of a ruined city on the hill. People are watching your song and dance. Don't disappoint.

Wally_99Oct. 29, 0810:45 PM

Masquerading as a legitimate, unbiased news reporter, Kevin writes.... Mr. Duschere, your socialist bias is deeply affecting your ability to write legitimate news stories. Please excuse yourself from these types of articles. Oh, WHOOOOOPS! There's no one at the RedStar who can sub for you in an unbaised fashion! Pathetic.

pagandaOct. 29, 0810:54 PM

Ahem, hey wingnut, give it a rest. Just because the truth is not what you want it to be, doesn't mean that the newspaper is Socialist or Communist or whatever.

bonitaOct. 29, 0810:57 PM

Ethical NO! These clowns should be sued.

creallaOct. 29, 0810:57 PM

Typical Republican crap..Try to intimidate voters and use cowardly robocalls

hatethestribOct. 29, 0810:58 PM

It may not be voter indimidation but all I can say is ACORN. Yes both sides are guilty and I'm willing to admit that. If you're not it's simply comical. I many times did ACORN register the dead guy or the homeless guy to vote?

pdxtranOct. 29, 0811:00 PM

"whatever I don't like." Here's what the real Socialist Party believes:

olivegoylOct. 29, 0811:02 PM

The claims of voter fraud from the GOP/conservative groups tend to be unfounded. Moreover, what these groups allege is more aptly characterized as voter registration fraud. So far there is no established evidence of widespread voter fraud. In fact, the only substantiated claims, uncovered after several detailed investigations of fraud after the 2000 election, revealed that it occurred at a rate of far less than even .1% (that's far less than even one tenth of one percent). cases that have been substantiated oftentimes can't be attributed to intentional fraud. Check out this web page of the Brennan Center for Justice: The real problem for those who cry "voter fraud" is that, in election cycles with high voter turnout, the numbers tend Democratic. That's because, on the whole, the Democrats have a larger base than the Republicans. The way for Republicans to ensure a win in an election with high turnout is to suppress the vote. Suppression happens by either intimidating potential voters or purging registered voters from the roles.

rick24rick24Oct. 29, 0811:08 PM

Intimidating a voter into NOT voting thereby restricting the election process or registering Mickey Mouse who will never have the chance to vote nor will every vote. I know you will say they are equal and that is why the Right-Wingers Party brought up this issue early on in the campaign. They wanted people to defend the practices of this MINNESOTA MORAL MAJORITY with a feeble cry of "what about ACORN?" You can't defend VOTER SUPPRESSION or VOTER INTIMIDATION unless you have documented evidence of VOTER FRAUD not voter registration fraud.

howdoodieOct. 29, 0811:09 PM

It's kind of embarrassing to see the once-proud Republican party sink to these depths. Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave.


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