MIA sends Nazi 'loot' home to Paris

  • Article by: MARY ABBE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 30, 2008 - 5:19 AM
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topmanlbOct. 29, 0810:20 PM

Thanks for doing the right thing MIA!

mark28Oct. 29, 0810:37 PM

It was the right thing to do, but I will miss the painting, maybe we can get it back on loan, say for six months once every 5 years.

prmolinaOct. 30, 08 6:14 AM

Once again the MIA has given me reason to be proud of my membership. This was the first arts organization I joined, and has never dissappointed. Continued free admission to the permanent collection is in my mind crucial in a large city with a sizable population living on the financial edge. The reasonably priced audio tours (free to members) has been a wonderful investment. The audio tours make it easy for parents to introduce their children to art. The museum is blessed with a wonderful group of volunteers. I thing the docent tours are without peer in the community of art museums.

putney1968Oct. 30, 08 6:21 AM

It is ironic to the core that doing the right thing rates a headline, but it is true.

wb6162Oct. 30, 08 7:04 AM

Idiot. The stupid French could protect their assets and so you're just giving it back to them 60 years later? What a joke.

wb6162Oct. 30, 08 7:09 AM

Typical French. Instead of appreciating what all these other countries did to restore their freedom, they instead obsess over one painting for 60 years until they get their way. Now that we have done the "right thing" maybe they should turn around and donate the painting to the MIA. Don't hold your breath for that to happen.

mensanOct. 30, 08 7:12 AM

Why, impossible? I feel like I'm missing the best part of the story. I don't think they (or others in a similar situation) have an obligation to give it back. I do think they should make some kind of "restitution" if you will to heirs.

zzzzz78759Oct. 30, 08 8:15 AM

There's something they're not telling us.

Not only did it prove "impossible" for the painting to be donated or lent to MIA, they are unwilling to bid on it if it were offered at auction.

"Feldman and Noon smiled ruefully and shook their heads"

Hmmm....what are we missing?

alrightythenOct. 30, 08 8:26 AM

There's no question that this was the right thing to do!! The Germans just goose-stepped in and took homes, possessions, art, clothing, not to mention human lives. In light of the big picture, this was a very small thing - one painting does not make up for the loss of millions of lives!

nickelsen467Oct. 30, 08 8:30 AM

What you are missing is a brain. Returning stolen items is the right thing to do. How would you like it if something worth millions was stolen from your family? Wouldn't you consider it your right to reclaim it? This isn't an issue of the French people not being able to defend itself against a ruthless aggressor. This is an issue of what's right and wrong. And, the MIA has already spent enormous sums of money on this painting - they don't have the funds to reaquire it again if it should come up at auction when it already has similar examples of Leger's work. The museum has other obligations to fulfill.


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