Flu widow's message: Get your flu shot

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 29, 2008 - 6:26 AM
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Kristal27Oct. 29, 08 1:27 AM

I don't believe it was mentioned anywhere in this article at what point he consulted his doctor. Although it is a good suggestion, your assumption may only be an insult to a family already in pain.

tonytecOct. 29, 08 1:31 AM

What makes you think this guy refused to go to the doctor? And if he didn't go tp the docs how were they able to send him home to "ride it out"?? You say you went to the docs and got better in two days, but I am afraid you are still sick and need to see a doctor. Preferably one who uses a couch. I am going to get a flu shot for the first time since I have been in the Marines. My condolences for this widow and thank her for reminding the rest of us of the dangers.

GoldenpenOct. 29, 08 2:38 AM

My wife and I always get our yearly flu shots. We haven't started on the pneumonia shots yet. Hopefully we'll start those as well next season. The thing that probably worked against the fire fighter was his age. Most people, and it seems his doctor as well, don't think that 30-50 year old people can get the flu and die. Every year it's always the older folks who are getting the shots. I've never seen "youngsters" in line.

qualtroughOct. 29, 08 3:55 AM

We have some pretty poor readers here so far. Here you go tonytec and Kristal27: When her husband woke up on Feb. 2, 2007, feeling lousy and his head throbbing, he insisted on going to work anyway. He returned home at lunchtime "sick as a dog," his wife said, but refused to call a doctor. Two days later, on Super Bowl Sunday, he collapsed in the bathroom. Linda called 911. Spidey's point was that the message he derived from the story was not only that flu shots are advisable, but that you should visit a doctor right away if you feel 'terrible'. Not fair to jump all over Spidey for that.

kenkowaOct. 29, 08 5:01 AM

Just because you get a Flu shot does not mean that you won't catch ( A FLU ) . I have been led to believe that they have'nt picked the right flu strain for the last 15 years.

skj9342Oct. 29, 08 5:20 AM

Since the CDC has missed the Strain of Flu in the last 5 out of 5 years, what strain did he have and did that years flu shot address it?

cjbrumOct. 29, 08 5:58 AM

In response to the two posters who questioned the effectiveness -- there's excellent factual info at the CDC site. Quoting from CDC site - http://www.cdc.gov/flu/professionals/vaccination/virusqa.htm "Can the vaccine provide protection even if the vaccine is not a “good” match? Yes, antibodies created through vaccination with one strain of influenza viruses will often offer protection against different, but related strains of influenza viruses. So even though circulating influenza viruses may “drift” or change from the time the vaccine composition is recommended, the vaccine can cross-protect against circulating viruses. The mismatch may result in reduced effectiveness against the variant viruses, but it still can provide enough protection to lessen illness severity. In addition, it’s important to remember that the influenza vaccine contains three virus strains so the vaccine would still protect against the other two viruses. For these reasons, even during season’s when there is a mismatch, CDC continues to recommend influenza vaccination. This is particularly important in people at high risk for serious flu-related complications and for close contacts of high risk people."

CocoLotionOct. 29, 08 7:03 AM

with or without the shot, it seems not being significantly overweight is as good an armor.

willis123Oct. 29, 08 7:32 AM

Nice that some people think by being overweight that you are automatically at risk for "cathing" the flu. Educate yourself and know the facts--pretty much anyone can catch the flu, that's why the CDC recommends flu shots to teachers, children and adults in high risk situations, such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and no not all of those are related to weight!

alrightalreadyOct. 29, 08 7:41 AM

Wasn't the flu shot that was available last year for a different strain of the flu then the one that was going around? And do not forget about the possible connection between flu shots and alzheimer disease. One size does not fit all . so chose carefully.


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