Split decisions could be key to election

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 28, 2008 - 6:49 AM

Voters who cross party lines on the same ballot could hold the key to a race's outcome.

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naorsen26Oct. 27, 0810:15 PM

Obama is a communist, socialist, spread the wealth, pretend to talk smart know nothing.

catulusOct. 27, 0810:24 PM

One can only wonder what criteria they might use to split their ballot. Haircut? Hight? In the most clearly defined philosophical political race I can remember, they are going to split their vote based on what? I can easily imagine them both standing in the voting booth snaping their gum and deciding based on the color of a shirt.

fleetingdaysOct. 27, 0810:37 PM

Not this year. There have been too many Republican scandal's for my taste. Sen Stevens in Alaska "GUILTY". Sen Craig "bathroom gay sex seeker" "GUILTY". Bush "no WMD?". Palin "bridge to no where?" "initially she was all for it. Enough. I will vote solidly Democratic. We do need change. And, I also don't think folks deserve "lifetime" appointments in the Senate. The founding fathers didn't intend for it to be that way.

eightisenuffOct. 27, 0810:38 PM

I am so sick and tired of the lame whiners on the right constantly groaning and complaining about things you know nothing about. Like me, you're probably in the middle class bracket who will get a tax BREAK in an Obama presidency. Why is that so difficult for some of you people to swallow? Personally I'd rather get a tax break than to see it go to rich crooks like Tom Petters. He's one of those who get a tax break right now. You don't. Let's talk economics 101: the middle class in this country is the oil that greases the wheel. We're the ones who go out to Wal-Mart and buy the big screen TVs for the family. We're the ones who put braces on our kids' teeth. But when we end up with less money because it goes to the fat cats, we have less to spend on these things and the economy stagnates. Witness the last eight years.

noinkOct. 27, 0810:47 PM

In my opinion neither Senator McCain or Senator Obama are qualified to be President of our United States. Senator McCain is too reckless and Senator Obama has only 147 in session days of actually being a U.S. Senator. I will vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.

rs016072Oct. 27, 0810:52 PM

aryan? seriously? you've got to be kidding me.

rodshoberOct. 27, 0810:52 PM

Leave it to the Red Star to find the hardworking Obama voter and an aryan who couldn't ever vote for a black guy. Seriously, go ahead and go out of business! Is it pathetic.

elleawOct. 27, 0811:23 PM

Petters is a registered Democrat!!

rookie6886Oct. 27, 0811:55 PM

You know why? Because Obama wouldn't draft legislation as President, he would sign it or veto it. And, with a solidly Democratic House and Senate, you can bet those two bodies will vote to raise taxes on everyone - NOT just people making more than 250K. Have you heard any other Democratic candidate for House or Senate making the same promise? It's classic bait and switch. Obama can promise no tax increases until he's hoarse, but, presented with his first budget as President, with tax increases gallore, what do you REALLY think Obama will do? Veto? Yep, and I've got some oceanfront property in North Dakota I would like to talk to you about...

louis66Oct. 28, 0812:04 AM

After having lived abroad in countries that use the Parliamentary system of government, where voters vote for a party instead of a candidate; I have personally seen the back and forth pendulum swings in policy that it can create. I have also seen one party government on both sides, Republican and Democrat, go crazy with power. Therefore, I usually end up splitting my vote as I prefer the Executive and Legislative branches to be controlled by different parties as it forces them to compromise in order to get anything done. Bill Clinton, for example, was a much more effective president after the first midterm elections when he had to deal with Newt Gingrich and the Republican controlled Congress.


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