Editorial: Norm Coleman for Senate

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  • Updated: October 26, 2008 - 10:30 AM
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djcrazyOct. 25, 08 1:47 PM

Norm Coleman gets from me is the vote out the door.Plain and simple :)

ginobambinoOct. 25, 08 1:50 PM

What paper am I reading? Count me as shocked that you picked Coleman. I like the pick but never expected it from this LEFT leaning paper.

thanatos39Oct. 25, 08 1:52 PM

Really? Is the Strib endorsing Coleman? I am not a huge fan of Franken but I have seen little in Coleman's time in the senate that matches the nonsense being paraded in this editorial as a rationale to reelect this guy. He is a media hog, anything that will get his face in the media he'll do. His swift action to move funds for the bridge collapse is to be expected from any Senator from this state with a functioning brain. It does NOT represent post-partisan behaviour. Think Coleman is a worthy Senator? Take a look at his laughable hearings on the Oil for Food scandal at the UN. Media hog.

Tony253Oct. 25, 08 1:53 PM

Indeed, hades has frozen over if the STrib gives its endorsement to a Republican...

noinkOct. 25, 08 1:53 PM

I will vote for Dean Barkley of the Independence Party of Minnesota.

howdoodieOct. 25, 08 1:53 PM

Coleman is toast. Enough of crooked and corrupt politicians!! Vote in November to get rid of them all!!

cal1178Oct. 25, 08 1:54 PM

Of the 3 candidates, Norm was by far the best candidate and I wan't to commend the Star Tribune for making the right decision.

jws5043Oct. 25, 08 1:55 PM

Seriously, what's happened to the Star Tribune? Over the last 6 years, Norm Coleman has: 1) dutifully helped George Bush fight an illegitimate and disastrous war, 2) failed the country by abdicating his responsibilities as chairman of the permanent subcommittee on investigations, 3) sold out the environment by voting for cloture on ANWR, 4) committed numerous, serious ethical lapses by accepting gifts and discounted rental rates from friends/lobbyists. And the list goes on. As a newspaper supposedly committed to protecting the public's best interests, you have failed miserably in your duties. Your newspaper is in a financial tailspin, and this kind of endorsement will (justifiably) hasten your demise. Avista Capital Partners and the rest of the Star Tribune Editorial board should be ashamed.

Brad57Oct. 25, 08 1:55 PM

The Strib endorses a Republican. Does this mean the Vikings can now win the Super Bowl?!?

beachpartyOct. 25, 08 1:57 PM

this is a hopeless bush backing pathetic choice. how could you pick this low life.


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