A prenatal fix to a twin threat

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 27, 2008 - 12:01 PM

Minneapolis doctors are now able to repair a rare problem in pregnancy.

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jenmnOct. 24, 0812:30 PM

what a heartwarming story to share... God bless the parents and their babies with a long and heathy life!

mknightsOct. 24, 08 1:22 PM

Thank GOD for modern science and those doctors that take the time to learn and perform such surgeries. I know what it's like to be in a high risk pregnancy with twins. It is such a blessing when everything turns out well and you have two healthy babies - congrats!!

mike2636Oct. 24, 08 1:37 PM

If an unborn fetus isn't a human life how can you save it? Sounds to me like if you can "save" a life before it's born it would stand to reason you can kill it too..... Abortion is not "Choice" folks, especially not for the baby

hdsteareOct. 24, 08 2:32 PM

Abortion supports refuse to discuss the question of when human life begins because they know that they would be stopped in their tracks if the question of "choice" was framed in that manner. So they call it freedom of choice and pro life people are called abortion foes, as if it is a bad thing to be a foe of something. This beautiful story of saving lives highlights why people who respect human life are so passionate about ending abortion. Abortion is the deliberate ending of a human life for purposes of selfish convenience. Mother Teresa said that a country that can tolerate the killing of the innocent can tolerate anything.

kducheneOct. 24, 08 2:46 PM

Your comment should be flagged. What a selfish and pointless comment. This couple was very fortunate and has a heart warming story they shared and you turn it into something its not. Seriously. You obviously have no kids or a heart.

jillmummertOct. 24, 08 2:48 PM

This is a beautiful story. Go argue somewhere else.

glenlivetOct. 24, 08 2:51 PM

Let's just be happy for the family here. Imagine them reading these posts, and someone using their harrowing personal story as something more than that.

jewelsmattsoOct. 24, 08 3:00 PM

Where in the article did it say anything about abortion? This is a story about 2 beautiful babies and how their lives were saved. That is it end of story. Tkae your views and go. God bless this family. Enjoy your new babies.

chaz1_56Oct. 24, 08 3:29 PM

The doctors that perform these surgeries are awesome. My wife and I experienced the same thing three years ago, however we had to go to Florida for the surgery and are blessed with healthy three year old boys! I think this condition is more common with twins than one would surmise.

anthweissOct. 24, 08 4:00 PM

This is terrific my wife and I experienced the same thing earlier this year. If it hadnt been for Dr. Delia in Miluake we wouldn't have our daughter Alana today. Unfortunatly our Daughter Ava was still born. However without the surgery Alana never would have made it.


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