Sorry, this isn’t going to be any Love fest

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2008 - 7:13 AM

The UCLA rookie hasn't even played a regular-season game yet, but it's already painfully obvious he faces an uphill battle.

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danoveOct. 22, 0810:20 PM

And thanks for finding no redeeming virtue in a Wolves team that has yet to play a regular season game. They may be stumbling but you are in mid-season form.

bsinfoOct. 22, 0810:24 PM

I can't see how they will get anybody to go to these games. They have knocked ticket prices down to near WNBA level but still nobody is buying what they are selling. If the economy continues to go bad these pro leagues will need to eliminate some of these teams. The TWolves and Vikings should be prime candidates for elimination.

steiny1315Oct. 22, 0810:54 PM

this is garbage. it was a preseason game. not saying they are going to be a good team, but honestly how can you judge them on one preseason game? and by the way the "blueprint for the future" has been out two years now, and its surprising that a sports columnist doesn't know these things about the teams he's supposed to cover. its like he doesn't do any research, and then decides he's going to write a story and come to conclusions even if he has no idea. fire this joke all he does is pisses people off

bcollins747Oct. 22, 0811:38 PM

The Wolves and their fans don't get to have it both way. This team charged me $50 a seat tonight to sit in the upper balcony, and somehow they're supposed to get a pass because it's a preseason game. Nope. Charge me full price, I expect a full-price product. Kevin Love was horrible and appears unable to shoot. The team could've actually won the game had Wittman not used the last 5 minutes to figure out who the regular season DNP-coaches decision designee was going to be. But the final straw was on the way out, they handed out coupons good for Buy one-get one free for opening night. The price of the tickets on THAT night where I sat tonight? $35. This franchise has no shame and -- again -- no talent. So for me... there's no sale.

schaefkuOct. 22, 0811:56 PM

I too was at tonights game, and it's totally obvious that Kevin Love is overmatched in the NBA. Just like last year when I saw Cory Brewer play for the first time, I could tell he didn't belong in the NBA. Brewer has not improved one iota, and I doubt Love will ever be more than anything than a reserve player at best. Derek Rose was the best player in the gym tonight, now he's a rookie that will make an impact. Every time Kevin Love screwed up tonight I chanted OJ Mayo!, I'd like to see Wolves fans continue that, we'll have more opportunities to do that than cheer for something good...

craigmnOct. 23, 0812:01 AM

Mr. Taylor clearly you are a bright and successful businessman. Why are you letting Kevin McHale destroy your franchise?

tsnakeyOct. 23, 0812:06 AM

nothin' wrong with young. as for the T-wolves: who cares?

RooddogOct. 23, 0812:11 AM

Watching Brandon Roy and OJ Mayo at Target Center this year is gonna be AWESOME.......

rccola889Oct. 23, 0812:13 AM

Love has played only 7 NBA games. He obviously has talent if he was projected to go early first round so how about you give him a chance?

jdbrandisOct. 23, 0812:13 AM

Thank you for mentioning the Timberwolves in print, but are you honestly ready to call Love a bust after watching him play one game? As you suggest, it's ridiculous to give up on a rookie before he has at least one season under his belt. Love did not shrink after declaring for the draft. They knew how tall he was when the drafted him.


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