Vulgar mockery of Christians: Is this what we want in a U.S. senator?

  • Article by: KATHERINE KERSTEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 22, 2008 - 1:48 AM
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mrkottahOct. 21, 0810:05 PM

I can tell the Democrats are going to win it all by a landslide just by the shrill nature of the ranting and raving by the right wing. I honestly think that some days Hannity or Lewis are going to pop a vein they yell so loud. Ms. Kersten is doing essentially the same thing in written format. The tone of articles and commentaries from the political right tell me how big the loss will be on Nov 4. President Barack Obama and his 60+ senators. Love it.

stymes01Oct. 21, 0810:08 PM

once again another worthless commentary from Kersten that adds nothing to real discourse.

questionmarkOct. 21, 0810:10 PM

Katherine doesn't have a problem spewing her hate and lies and disparing people. I say "Buck up Buttercup!" "Here's a kleenex, now go tell someone who cares."

WildcardXOct. 21, 0810:15 PM

We get it, KK is the same crazy Bachmann is.

johnnyonspotOct. 21, 0810:16 PM

Just save it for once, please! PLEASE! The din is unbearable. The only reason anyone reads your worthless column is to find out what all the kooks on the right are currently "thinking" so that we sane folk can have a good laugh.

johngalt1953Oct. 21, 0810:19 PM

I am so glad that you think your idiots can run this country because in less then two years the tired strain of "it's Bush's fault" will be on deaf ears as the public realizes the lies and deception perpetuated by the media and democrats alike.

stribmenotOct. 21, 0810:22 PM

Soooo many things to pick on - so little time.

"We the people in the press..." YOU - Press? Hardly, K(K)K. You are not even close.

Franken wrote this in a BOOK in 1999. He was an author, a writer - which is less that what anyone can say for you. It's called FICTION - look it up in that book called the dictionary that you should have. If you don't let me know and I will throw one at you. Reagan shot people while he was a movie star - did that make him a murderer??

Please - save a tree - save our brains - save us all and put your scribe, pen, typewriter, keyboard whatever you use DOWN. We have had enough of your so called "journalism" or "commentary". It's time for you to fade away.

I can not agree with STYMES01 more - ANOTHER WORTHLESS COMMENTARY FROM someone who should not have a job as a writer!

uadp00Oct. 21, 0810:24 PM

We get it already!! Conservatives don't get satire. We don't need to belabor the point anymore. The mock outrage from the right is getting foolish. If Double K would just stick to the anti-gay rants it would be better. Her fear and hatred of anything and anyone different from her is real and palpable. Trying to tie Franken to some mythical Christian paranoia complex is transparant and a requires the reader to suspend any idea of common sense. Al Franken is no more anti-Christian than Norm "I haven't seen the inside of a church without cameras present in decades" Coleman. It laughable.

oceansoundsOct. 21, 0810:26 PM

Go find Jesusland lady, and move there! You obviously don't know what the United States of America is all about.

rick24rick24Oct. 21, 0810:28 PM

by cartoonists and the Islamic fundies have expressed the same views that you, Katherine Kersten, do about Al Franken's views about Jesus Christ. You do know that Al is a Jew, right? Wasn't Jesus a Jew? So since you worship Jesus aren't you also Jewish, since you worship a Jew. Isn't it okay for a person of a different faith to not agree with our faith's dogmas and religious figures? Isn't it good that we question our faith to make it stronger rather than hold it close to our vest to prevent it from escaping our grasp? I say those, like Katherine Kersten, who criticize other people for challenging their faith and their faith's religious figures are either similar to the Islamic fundamentalist or don't have a very strong faith. Which one are you Katherine?


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