Pat Reusse: Blame Chilly? Not this time

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 21, 2008 - 9:53 AM

The Vikings offense might have had its best day in Brad Childress' 2 1/2 seasons Sunday, and to place fault in the coach for the loss is silly.

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tsnakeyOct. 20, 0810:04 PM

what's up with the lame kickoff's, etc? he needs to go. soon. i'm sure he's a nice guy and his family loves him; but he's a real bad NFL head coach. i check the internet every couple hours hoping i see news that he's been canned during this two-week bye.

peoplespowerOct. 20, 0810:06 PM

I am shock!!! stop making silly excuses, Fire Brad Childress Now!!!!!!

largecarOct. 20, 0810:19 PM

and it hasn't worked. He has thrown to many interceptions and he can't move. Just put in an old tape of Frerotte from like 10 years ago. You could put it on fast-forward and he still wouldn't move. I don't understand why he continues to get so much praise when he really hasn't done much of anything. The Vikings squeaked out a couple of wins against a Saints team that continued to shoot themselves in the foot and against a Lions team benefitted from some questionable officiating.

genehamiltonOct. 20, 0810:22 PM

Fire Childress and Ed Asner Jr, as well. Maybe we can get the Jim Haslett bump, preferably before it is too late. Mariucci or Cowher would be a great choice. How long do we have to endure this lousy coaching???? I think it is an insult to call him Col Klink, Klink was smarter than he is!!!!

morefakeinfoOct. 20, 0810:25 PM

Reusse always takes the contrary view just to be unique. Lame.

jr6645Oct. 20, 0810:27 PM

Does Childress only coach the offense or is he the head coach of the entire ridiculous team...I am confused. I wonder if Patrick Reusse remembers the blistering article he wrote just one week ago, and the Vikings actually won that game. Perhaps it is PR with the emotional problems.

tsnakeyOct. 20, 0810:36 PM

why oh why can't we be so lucky?

briangs111Oct. 20, 0810:37 PM

One can only imagine the verbal warnings and the relentless practice punts out of bounds that Klewe faced this week all coming from his head coach. If you have watched any Vikings games in the last couple years you will see a blatant disregard for the football by punt returners inside the 10 yd line. It was a shock that the Gordon play hasn't happened sooner than this. The complete lack of any sense of a hurry up offense.. I guess is somehow the fault of angry Childress hating Vikings fans as is the decision to pooch kick the first two kickoffs giving the Bears the football at the 50 and beyond. How about the complete lack of defensive adjustments at halftime? No no the head coach can't be expected to speak to his D-coordinator about that, after all he is only an offensive genius. Or a 4th and one with the best back in the league and we run a play action pass- Zygi must have phoned that one down from his box Al Davis style right Reusse? What we have here is a complete lack of discipline and intelligence (no I'm not talking about Reusse's diet or even his latest column). I'm talking about Childress's players and his coaching style, strategy and substance (or the complete lack thereof).

clark29Oct. 20, 0810:42 PM

Right on Mr Reusse. This article is on the money. Most of these fans have no clue.

vikings1331Oct. 20, 0810:52 PM

Patrick this article is a bunch of B.S. and you know it! I will admit that Chilli's offense was finally "Kick Ass" but this is Chilli's team, period! It was HE who hired the coaches, and HE who selected the free agents, and HE who drafted the position players. Ziggy has been an ATM when it comes to upgrading HIS roster and the bottom line is that despite the fact we have 10 Pro Bowl caliber players on this team we still have 3 QB's who ought to be playing in the Arena League. You want to be a smart journalist than find out why the Vikings passed on Drew Brees (for $60 million in 2006) or Jeff Garcia for ($7 million in 2007). Find out why they pissed away the 06 Draft and didn't trade up for Jay Cutler or why they didn't draft Trent Edwards in the 4th rd of the 07 Draft. Ask them why they gave away the farm in the trade for Allen when they could done the same and drafted Matt Ryan. Chilli jacked up this team and its gonna take 2 to 3 years to fix it!


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