Minnesota Poll: 3-way Senate race up for grabs

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 21, 2008 - 10:58 AM

The numbers behind the tightening U.S. Senate contest between Al Franken and Norm Coleman show support for Dean Barkley is significant but also shallow.

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ch3201Oct. 21, 0812:28 AM

As much as I didn't care for Janos when he was governor, It would be great to see the 3rd party candidate come from behind and get elected in this race. I am tired of the negative campaigns from both candidates (at least Coleman stopped his)and from both of their parties. From what I have seen in this election season neither Coleman or Franken are US Senator material.

viceroy712Oct. 21, 0812:50 AM

But then I could care less about Franken as well. But my clear choice is Barkley the IP candidate. He's broke, does not take money from PAC's or from special interest groups and because of this he does not have to answer to anyone except all who vote for him. I like that.He can't be any worse than the candidates from those other two parties...

sunshine2525Oct. 21, 0812:56 AM

Coleman wins by 4. Barkley support falls apart. The Republican that support Coleman return home. Coleman will get men more than Franken women. This pretty much evens it out. The conservative Democrat moves to Coleman because Franken is such a poor candidate aand though he ran a very expensive campaign there is nothing to like about Al Franken. Franken is arrogant and non electable. The only reason given to vote for Franken is that he's not Bush. Coleman wins, that's just the way it is and the Democratic Party needs to reexamine why they chose to support such a poor candidate as Franken. Barkley can't hold the middle. He needed to grow his vote and he didn't it's downhill for him. Coleman is the luckyest politian around. He gets handed the seat twice.

ch3201Oct. 21, 08 1:11 AM

sunshine2525: Unfortunately you are right.

odannyboyOct. 21, 08 1:17 AM

Coleman's support collapses over last week. No one can stomach pulling the lever for Bush's lapdog. You heard it here first.

mnenelsonOct. 21, 08 2:42 AM

No one that I have talked to can name one thing that he has done to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. Voting Norm Coleman and a McCain / Palin ticket into office sends the wrong message. It says, hey it is okay that your party is destroying the middle class and our country. It is okay that the economy is in the worst shape it has been in 22 years. It is okay that unemployment rates are at the highest point in the past 14 years. It is okay that wages for middle class Americans have fallen by an average of $2000.00 over the last 8 years and expenses have risen $4-6 thousand dollars at the same time. It is okay that the national debt is the largest it has ever been in our history, now over 10 trillion dollars. It is okay to redistribute wealth from the middle class to the richest 5% in the country. Is it okay to run attack ads for the sole purpose of polarization and that have dynamited all hope of any civil discourse that used to be the bedrock of this great country. It is okay that patriotism is no longer measured by actions but rather by what color of shirt you wear and that honest bipartisan debate has now gone the way of the dinosaur. For this we should reward the Republican party by voting them back into office?? Are you kidding me??

full0107Oct. 21, 08 2:44 AM

Get those two bickering children out of our lives, get some real change. Vote for Barkley!

glenbcOct. 21, 08 4:49 AM

Coleman was a Bush apologist and doesn't deserve to stay in office on that basis alone. Franken's funny and very competent, will make a very good Senator.

jmarksorOct. 21, 08 5:01 AM

Now that is funny! Only in MN, land of the loons!

bikedudeOct. 21, 08 5:15 AM

I know it's been several years, but I still believe the senate seat Norm Coleman occupies belongs to Paul Wellstone. And I believe that if he had lived, he would have fought like hell against going into Iraq and might have slowed the process. He was the only one that could do it. It still burns that Vin Weber and his cohorts co-opted the Wellstone funeral and turned it against Walter Mondale. Sorry, but Coleman should have never been elected to that seat. Al Franken honors Wellstone's memory every day. And if he is elected, we can be proud again in Minnesota, of having two exceptional US Democratic Senators.


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