Another loss ... now let us count the ways

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 19, 2008 - 11:50 PM

The reasons for the Vikings' defeat were, if not legion, fairly numerous: the special teams, the offense, the defense, the coaching staff ...

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SMedinOct. 19, 0810:44 PM

“They know our system, they know our weaknesses and they hit a lot of them today,” Winfield said. The coaching staff has shown little ability to adjust, even after 2.5 seasons. Sooooooo? I've seen enough. Next year, a new coach, a new QB.

peoplespowerOct. 19, 0810:59 PM

We need a new coach ASAP to save this team, I know that we all had high expectations for the vikings but change is going to be better for the players and us the FANS.

tsnakeyOct. 19, 0811:09 PM

childress is a disaster. hard to put lipstick on this pig. the bye week is good for firing head coaches.

weas8448Oct. 19, 0811:10 PM

Tjack was our qb!! But I have never, ever been a Childress fan. Get rid of him. That guy is an absolute joke. Fan apathy is bad. I have it. Many Viking fans no longer care. Nice hire, Zygmunt.

danoveOct. 19, 0811:33 PM

...they will go 6-3 after the bye and move on to the playoffs. It's all part of the Master Plan. You "fire Childress" idiots just don't recognize genius when you see it. Pity you.

ruphinaOct. 20, 0812:07 AM

1st 2 possesions they let fear rule them and basically give the ball to the Bears on the 50. Stupid! But the dumbest of all is THEY DID IT AGAIN AFTER TYING THE SCORE with only a few seconds left in the half. It is almost like they didn't watch how the Bears lost last week. Hey look! We'll short kick just like the Bears did, cuz it only fair that someone return the favor! And last week, not going for 2! being down 8-10 and 9-10 are exactly the same, but 10-10 is much better. and then he tops it off with the smart-a..lec remark of "do any of you know what the average of going for 2 in this league? You don't? Well it is only 44%." (very close paraphrase, not recorded). Sounds beautiful to me- 44% tie game, 56% still able to win with a filed goal. Then the timeout after a 9 yd gain on 1st down- cost them 40 seconds.

mchaleruinsOct. 20, 0812:10 AM

Don't blame Gus, its not his fault. He's supposed to be a backup QB. Tjack would better serve the vikings as a reciever or a towel-boy (it only took an entire season and a booing metrodome for childress to realize this). When it was finally clear that Tjack wasnt an NFL ready qb, why didn't the vikings make a desperate attempt to fill the the most important position on the field. They need to make a trade and aquire someone who is more of a threat in the pocket. The vikings are too talented to be playing like this and it's killing me inside...

TSeltzerOct. 20, 0812:22 AM

The team's not that good. Coaching Staff? Everyone knows the coaching staff is a disgrace. That said, they probably coached their best game today and we still lost. Special teams? For the Special Olympics, maybe, but these guys are lost in the NFL. Offense? Well, it wasn't that bad today. Gus threw a few picks, but we put up 41 points. The offensive line actually offered a bit of pass protection. Their run blocking still leaves a lot to be desired. Still, this was one of the few games where there offense showed up. There were bumbles, don't get me wrong. But, if I told you we'd score 41 today, how many would have predicted we'd lose by more than a touchdown? Defense? This is the part that is the most disappointing. Sure, we're incredibly stout against the run. We're also a sieve against the pass. Don't buy the garbage that we're bad against the pass because no one can run against us. Piffle! We have incredibly weak linebackers. It will take another year or so before folks admit that Chad Greenway is a waste of space. Ben Leber is okay, and EJ is great against the run but a liability against the pass. In the secondary, we have Antoine Winfield. While he's great, Cedric Griffin is a good-tackle-terrible-cover guy, and Sharper has seen his best days. I won't comment on our rookie -- too soon to tell -- but he hasn't impressed thus far. You can't make Kyle Orton look like Tom Brady if you're a good defense. Summary: Our coach has invested three years into tired adages: You need to be able to run the ball and you need to be able to stop the run. Although those adages may be true, they're about 25% of the story. Brad Childress thought that it was as simple as that. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait another 9 games before he's replaced and his overly simplistic coaching style if finally relegated to the dustbin. Today's loss was not his fault, but this season will be a washout, and that is something that can only be laid at Childress's feet.

bender007Oct. 20, 0812:23 AM

That just made me sick. Like every other game this year.

crules05Oct. 20, 0812:26 AM

It's time for some change! I am tired of Childress's bonehead play calling. He is a such a joke. He's the worst head coach in vikings history. I would take Tice over Childress in a heartbeat even though Tice wasn't the greatest at least we made the playoffs with him! Fire Childress during the bye and bring in Bill Cowher or Brian Billick!


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