Petters' troubles cost jobs at Minnesota Teen Challenge

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 14, 2008 - 11:13 PM

Layoffs at a Minnesota recovery center among the latest effects of the Petters investment scam probe.

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charleybrownOct. 15, 08 7:11 AM

if you had utitilzed this fantastic program for anyone in your family, all you who knock this ministry saying it will recover......then you'd know the power in this fantastic Teen Challenge experience. It is so unbelievable that petters and associates played "charitable givers" then did what they did. How can any body say the victims should have known better. No other programs helped my family member but Teen challenge saved her life literally. what goes around, comes around.

editor25Oct. 15, 08 7:13 AM

...these right wing do-gooders are tied in with the barons of capitalism who are crooks - look at how William McGuire has his name splattered across arts orgs and whatnot. Teen Challenge is LOVED by the Righties, which makes it immediately suspicious in my mind.

editor25Oct. 15, 08 7:21 AM

"Teen Challenge Draws Criticism for telling House Congressional Committee about "Completed Jews."

A top official of Teen Challenge International, a fundamentalist Christian substance-abuse program that treats addicts through proselytizing, drew criticism for calling Jewish converts to Christianity "completed Jews."

solocoOct. 15, 08 8:57 AM

"drew criticism for calling Jewish converts to Christianity "completed Jews. That is like criticizing a sports reporter for saying the person that came in first in a marathon is the “winner”. "drew criticism for calling Jewish converts to Christianity "completed Jews. That is like criticizing a sports reporter for saying the person that came in first in a marathon is the “winner”. So far Jesus has fulfilled over 300 messianic prophesies. He just wasn’t politically correct two thousand years ago. People expected a physical kingdom at the time and like many people rejected the call to the heart. Don’t worry though, after the rapture he will return and establish that physical kingdom. You can try, but you cannot make the messiah what you want him to be.

jchilman12Oct. 15, 0811:45 AM

Would it then be fair to say your comment is not open-minded? If results are not enough and your prejudice is shown through "immediately suspicious", can we also assume that the good they do is out weighed by your dislike? If you are outraged they are tied together, are you also jumping on the right-wing bandawgon that Obama is evil because of his association to Akers? Or is this different? I would say both accusations are a stretch.

mark49Oct. 15, 0812:07 PM

The teen challenge is definitely a right wing extremist organization. Its association with Petters isn't unusual. They deserved each other. Recovery from chemical dependency is a difficult proposition but isn't helped by Christian propaganda. Petters is just the latest of a long line of Hypocrites that have been exposed lately within the Christan Right.

nickelbOct. 15, 0812:34 PM


iluvtgtOct. 15, 08 1:32 PM

the amazing turn-around that most of these kids make in terms of their drug and alcohol habits. It doesn't matter if it is Christians trying to help them or not. The point is that they are able to turn their lives around with the help of this organization. Months ago, I would have said Petters was a reputable organization. Don't assume that anyone who thought the same is corrupt. You should truly be ashamed of your negative comments.

rwertisOct. 15, 08 3:52 PM

The ratio of employees to people assisted is enough to make a person need a drink. It was all done with money stolen from other people, tough luck! And the foundation for his son? same thing, criminal money.

nitsnitzMay. 28, 0912:54 AM

Teen residential treatment programs are long term, typically six to eighteen months. That is most suitable for troubled teens that need long term help. This would include teenagers that have been abusing drugs or alcohol, getting into a lot of trouble at school, or have other emotional or behavioral problems. Teens who have been to other short-range type programs and have returned to the old behaviors need more long-term help. Teens with suicidal ideation or severe depression would benefit from residential treatment center.


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