Sustainability can be a warm, fuzzy word that invites tyranny

  • Article by: KATHERINE KERSTEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 11, 2008 - 8:59 PM
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james03Oct. 11, 08 6:40 PM

I always enjoy your articles and think your perspective is a mirror image of mine. Keep doing the great work and know that you still have fans up in the Brainerd (cabin at Round Lake discussion) area. Stay well, be well!

correctmanOct. 11, 08 7:47 PM

Obama, thank you for the lower gas prices.

broneehoOct. 11, 0811:52 PM

Free speech for me, but not for thee.

senjh23Oct. 12, 08 1:23 AM

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: another one of the right wing non-profits which self-serves their ideology when ideologues like KK cite them. They frequently go after langauge that support equity, racial acceptance and environmental improvements. They are just part of the right-wing echo chamber and KK serves as their echo.

WildcardXOct. 12, 08 1:39 AM

KK is just a part of the angry right who realize now that the era of deregulation and Reagan-nomics has led them to moral and economic bankruptcy. The GOP is dead and thank goodness for it.

beckwith10Oct. 12, 08 3:00 AM

Frankly, FIRE's mission sounds so amorphous I'm not sure what their point is, unless of course they're little more than a stealth organization designed to defend the expression of socially regressive, reactionary and intolerant elements in institutional academia (in short, the increasingly hysterical, straight, christian, white, predominantly male, conservative POV). But this begs the question that people like Kersten, as usual, refuse, to deal with: Why is it conservatives can only conceive of the protection of rights in some grossly truncated manner that, in fact, is designed to rip off those people they don't like? Peoplelike Kersten seem utterly incapable of an egalitarian conception of equal protection under the law, but rather endeavour to create a split level field in which rights function in some hierarchical order. And Golly Gee, guess whose rights are on top?!?

allblackOct. 12, 08 4:07 AM

I don't know what to say actually. Vulgar yes, I'll give you that. But an idiot? disagreeing strongly with something you agree with doesn't make the other person an idiot. It makes them a person, with a differing view.

sellisOct. 12, 08 4:33 AM

Since when have being in favour of social justice and being against institutional racism been "left wing" concepts? I've always thought of them as being AMERICAN concepts. I guess KK is the price we have to pay for having a couple of mildly left of centre columnists writing for the Strib.

beckwith10Oct. 12, 08 4:43 AM

Incidentally, I do wonder whether the term "sustainability," which Kersten seems to think has become a semantically overpacked suitcase, functions on the left in the same manner the term "Christianity" has come to function on the right, another overpacked term used to rationalize and affirm every whacked-out ideological conceit the right has, from its anti-environmental policies to its justification of growing class disparity, and just about everything in-between. Actually, I take that back: I don't think the far right has so much "overpacked" the term "Christianity" (ideologically speaking) as they have simply pimped it.

modesta36Oct. 12, 08 7:25 AM

Orvesta has been flagged by me. You are an angry, vile, hateful person. Can't you disagree with someone without being vulger, rude, and creepy? Shame on you.


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