Coleman withdraws all negative ads

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 10, 2008 - 10:03 PM

He says that during the financial crisis, instead of adding to the "negativity," politics should "lift people up with hope." His opponents expressed skepticism.

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privateeyeOct. 10, 0811:26 AM

Hope is coming and it will not be because of any phony change trumpeted by the GOP. Norm you should never have pretended to be something you are not.

jess4525Oct. 10, 0811:28 AM

...that Senator Coleman is more concerned by the "crisis" of the economy than he is of the "crisis" of the upcoming election, where he may well lose the seat he's been occupying due to the Wellstone tragedy.

sarah8150Oct. 10, 0811:29 AM

I think it's too late to reverse the effect of negative ads. We've all seen them and can probably recite them (for both sides). However, it will be nice to have a break from them. Like I have said before, I'm ready to vote now. I don't care to hear any more from any of them in the next 3 weeks because what they are saying is unlikely to change.

huntleyOct. 10, 0811:30 AM

More like "I am sinking in the polls and need to think of something quick!" Is he calling for the cessation of negative ads against Franken by the Republican party and other groups?

BucklawOct. 10, 0811:30 AM

See...these clowns all think alike. Call me a cynic, but I don't think this has a damn thing to do with the crisis. If Coleman thought the negative ads were working -- which they clearly are not -- he would keep them going. Like McCain hiding from debates, Coleman is scared and losing, and so he's pretending to be sensitive and positive. Two words: One begins in B and the other begins in S. You're a sleazeball, Norm, it's too late to change that now.

somchaiOct. 10, 0811:32 AM

It's good to see Norm Coleman finally do the right thing in his spineless career. I'm getting to the point where I'd almost rather have a nutcase like Franken in there than Coleman. Bush continues to control Republicans like Coleman. The reason Coleman ran the negative ads in the first place was because Bush and Rove told him too. Then when it turned out bad, Bush lied and then Rove lied, so Coleman was duped by the deadly duo. Then Bush lied again but this time it came through Rove. Then Coleman lied and the ad campaign died, even though Coleman told Rove they'd keep going negative on Franken. What Coleman doesn't know is that Bushie/Rovie are secretly giving campaign support to Franken, and then they are lying about it. Typical Bushhitler-Rovian politics.

heddedOct. 10, 0811:32 AM

Coleman's pulling off his negative ads because they aren't working. Franken is gaining since the ads started.

bradt397Oct. 10, 0811:32 AM

.....but your mailbox and home telephone are still going to be stuffed with false crap.

BreczinskiOct. 10, 0811:33 AM

I think he found out that his negative ads were backfiring. Lot of people are asking if there could be an additional choice on the ballot marked “none of the above”.

notomccainOct. 10, 0811:33 AM

PLAEESE! Obvioulsy it's not working and now he's tring to take the 'high road'... Come on!


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