James Lileks: Pardon us if we snicker over Petters charges

  • Article by: JAMES LILEKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 10, 2008 - 12:01 AM

Should have left a skyscraper, Tom.

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geopieOct. 10, 08 2:10 AM

Thanks for the great read, I needed a good laugh tonight!

woodworksOct. 10, 08 7:05 AM

A true masterpiece of flaming.

twilliams55Oct. 10, 08 8:07 AM

Petters will have it...he will enjoy free room and board the rest of his life while the rest of us are standing in the soup line.

gilbsterOct. 10, 08 8:20 AM

maybe he can sell oj some electronics

Mister_EOct. 10, 08 8:36 AM

Why do you think Wall St. is tanking? So don't laugh too hard, the rest of us will end up paying for their sins.

laserhaasOct. 10, 08 8:37 AM

Paul Traub of Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) is now at Dreier LLP, sitting back - infuriated that Laser Haas is out here putting his name up front for 100,000 web hits. His has worked so tireously to assure that all web trails (and paper) of his connection with Petters had vanished. Do you hear the knocking Paul - that is the long arm of the Law saying Sun Country Air can no longer keep you UP Above the Law. Turn around - knock knock!

lvonleheOct. 10, 08 9:06 AM

I wonder, with your great knowledge, if you could provide the reason that the Star Tribune can take money from investors and then refuse to repay it. Don't you think that is a criminal activity? Ooops. I forgot. You are the one living the lavish lifestyle. Why should you care?

dave22vOct. 10, 08 9:11 AM

...at least to me. How this guy can live like he's the King of England, with the massive house, expensive cars, super high profile, endowing chairs at universities, giving all kinds of cash to charities (all for personal gratification, I might add)...and do it while he's perpetrating a fraud of epic size and scope...is just beyond my comprehension. I feel bad if I leave work an hour early.

jwwmckinleyOct. 10, 08 9:23 AM

Reading his column is like hearing a joke in church. Neither are funny but, for some reason, they still get laughs.

freetomOct. 10, 08 9:32 AM

Alright, since I refuse to jump on the band wagon and join the rest of the world who feels the desire to vomit all their hatred on blogs for a man of Amazingly High Intellegence, (just used in a crooked, lying, stealing, way) maybe he should just serve a few years in jail, then start working with the Goverment using his mastermind brainpower to stop other white collar criminals from doing this. That's been done before right? I mean come on...again...14 YEARS AND OVER 3.5 BILLION IN FRAUD...no dummy could pull that off for that long and to that extent. I dont know, just a thought, not much for the "hang him, kill him, rot in hell" thoery you people have but its looking pretty grim for Tom at this point. FREETOM!


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