No apologies ever required for a victory

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 9, 2008 - 8:40 AM

The Vikings have been called lucky to beat New Orleans. But a legendary coach once said all wins should be appreciated.

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kerussoOct. 8, 08 9:17 PM

Just bc Bud Grant "says so" does not mean that he is correct. Chilly squeeked out some wins last year but in the end it was clear that he was not capable of putting together a game plan that could consistently bring home victories. Until the last 5 min. of that game, our offense couldnt do anything against a subpar Saints defense. Do you think that kind of play calling is going to carry us through the season? In light of the fact that after three years Chilly has not shown the ability to put an offense on the field that can move the ball, we do a just cause to criticize.

petehaughOct. 8, 08 9:17 PM

with stuff that happened so long ago, only you and Sid would remember. The circumstances with Bud Grant and Brad Childress are totally different. Bud is a man, knows what he is doing, and the players respected, and still respect him reverently. Childress might be a real nice guy, I don't know, I never met him, but the play calling is some of the worst I have ever seen. I sit and watch every play and I tell anyone who is within earshot what is going to be called and sure enough, I am right. It is so predictable it's not funny. Maybe it's the players, especially the receivers, they can't get more than 6 inches from the defenders, I don't know, but geez, open up the playbook, or borrow someone else's playbook. This is crap.

amacher1Oct. 8, 08 9:27 PM

Comparing Bud Grant to Brad Childress is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. And comparing a game in 1971 to today is silly seeing that Grant had already established himself as a great coach and had taken his team to the playoffs and the Superbowl! Somehow I don't see Childress making it to the Hall of Fame let alone keeping his job!!!!!! Terrible article!

UncadotOct. 8, 08 9:36 PM

Makes about as much sense as Childress play calling! Not to steal someone else's line but here it is "I knew Bud Grant and Chilly is no Bud Grant".

amacher1Oct. 8, 08 9:40 PM

....And I don't see Childress leading our team to victory over the Packers any time soon. In fact he has never won against our rivals in Wisconsin or at home

swannyriversOct. 8, 08 9:49 PM

Patrick, I'd defend you, but after the first three geniouses piped in, I'm afraid to. But, when our own immortal Bud Grant is no longer sacred reference material, I walk away. Good luck, you're on your own!

danoveOct. 8, 08 9:50 PM

have a life other than criticizing a football coach? Ziggy Wilf makes billion dollar decisions, he doesn't need your advice. He needs Mine! Give Chilly an extension, Now!

gogomezgoOct. 8, 08 9:51 PM

Pat is becoming such a Vikings homer. Everybody hates Chilly so Pat is going to take his side. Being a contrarian to get a rise out of people is so boring. Thankfully this paper is going under and blogs are the only place where you get interesting commentary.

COJOMAYOct. 8, 08 9:57 PM

Bud is a great coach? But is revered as a coach? The truth is, Bud slept through most of his coaching tenure and left the coaching up to his assistants.

BMartinOct. 8, 08 9:59 PM

Wow, what a reach for a column... Reusse is simply no longer relevant - period. I usually don't bother reading his increasingly poor takes but just couldn't resist when Clueless' demise is part of the banter. Truly blasphemous to even mention Clueless in the same sentence as Bud Grant. In the middle of 1971, Grant was a year and a half removed from coaching the Vikes in a Super Bowl - what has the waste-of-space Clueless ever done? Hope the Lions crush the Vikes and then see if Zygi can grow a set a do what must be done.


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