Petters will remain in jail while awaiting trial

  • Article by: DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 13, 2008 - 10:38 AM

Saying the ex-CEO "has the personality to pull off a flight caper," the judge agreed with federal prosecutors that alternatives to jail were not workable.

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hadenufOct. 8, 0812:14 PM

What go's up must come down...Just usually not as hard and fast as this flaming wreck.

alibi123Oct. 8, 0812:14 PM

And what is with that smirk on Petters face? I'm glad the judge didn't send him to a Federal Rehab (booze and drugs) jail until trial. Because, let's face it, there's no point of him getting a handle on his problem. It will go away via cold turkey Federal Lock up. Amazing how that works.

moverightOct. 8, 0812:21 PM

I can't wait for Tom to write the book for distribution via Fingerhut. There has to be many prominent local businessmen who were either part of the scheme or got took? And if it is the latter, I'm sure they are too embarassed to come forward.! Ted Deikel..where are you? Comments please?

whisperrockOct. 8, 0812:22 PM

I hope this puke gets life!! He's lived the high life for 2 decades F'ing people over. Hopefully more people come forward and testify against him. The people that are getting really screwed here are the innocent employees that had no idea what was going on.

IFLANDEROct. 8, 0812:26 PM

Just wondering how the star tribune goes about selecting which stories you can comment on? As far as petters, haha you get what you get. I hope in the end they send him to a regular prison not the country club version white collar criminals usually get. And the driver in the Cottonwood case. It is blows that we have to put her in prison for 12.5 years and pick up the tab. But, if we deported her she would just be back here in about a week under a different name.

MurlzOct. 8, 0812:31 PM

But this is insane. We have murderers who are released on bail and this Petter's crook is not. Recently, a guy in St. Paul sexually assualted a woman in a barbaric manner, rupturing her abdominal wall, which ultimately resulted in her death, then tried to clean up the mess and he was given $250,000 bail. I am no fan of this guy, but he should have been given bail, ordered to surrender his passport, ordered to wear the ankle bracelt, abstain from using alcohol or drugs, and any violation of his bail will result in an immediate revocation of his bail and he would not see the outside of jail until the conclusion of his trial, if he walks that is. This smells and seems to be driven by all the negative corporate stigma and class warefare being waged right now.

yoyo123Oct. 8, 0812:36 PM

Look up Petters! Take a little pride in yourself now you crook!

BudweisercsOct. 8, 0812:37 PM

Those slippery floors in the bathroom at the pen, slipped and hit his head on the sink....happens all the time.

tjrOct. 8, 0812:38 PM

he will now be cured of his gambling addiction also. Looks like thd Bellogio is going to miss him.

ExtramanOct. 8, 0812:38 PM

I don't really care about Tom Petters, in fact being a small businessman I always wondered where in God's green earth did he get the capital to buy companies based on his retail liquidation biz. Well, now we know, but I do not understand the release of violent criminals on bail, and Petter's is not. But, I was not in the courtroom and the judge had to make his best call based on what he is told.


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