Gophers defense goes from brutal to respectable

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 8, 2008 - 11:55 AM

A transfusion of confidence and better personnel has elevated the group from its spot as the nation's worst in 2007.

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geeves09Oct. 7, 08 9:26 PM

Willie VanDeSteeg is a beast. Ted Roof is the man. Eric Decker could be first team All-American. Ray "Gametime" Henderson deserves more playing time. DeLeon Eskridge not ready for Big Ten Football. We desperately need another WR to step up. Go Gophs!

sdietgolfOct. 7, 08 9:43 PM

...nah, not the financial meltdown. Reusse actually said something nice, in a backhanded sort of way, about the Gophers.

bmorleymnOct. 7, 0810:58 PM

He would realize that Withers himself has admitted that his schemes were too complex for the group of athletes from the team last year. Was Withers entirely to blame for the defense poor performance? No - but it is clear under Ted Roof's direction that this team and this defense is headed in an entirely different direction. I think, once again, that anything Reusse could possibly say about the Golden Gophers is so tinged with disdain that even at his most gracious he is still condescending. Please Reusse - do us all a favor and stick to what you know. Whatever that is.

auericgopherOct. 8, 08 1:43 AM

We don't need you! Maybe you can be your own Turkey of The Year.

jmarksorOct. 8, 08 5:25 AM

this is a 3 TD loss and the humiliation will continue at Illinois. The Gophers beat the worst team in the BT in Indiana and 4 other cupcakes. Let's see what they can do against some competition. They were blown out at OSU before Tressel pulled the starters.

SidOct. 8, 08 5:36 AM

Yes, there was a time Patrick when I would drive five miles out of my way to pick up a newspaper, so I could read your column in the Tribune or the St. Paul paper! Not anymore! I knew it wouldn't be too long before you got on the Gopher Band Wagon again. All they had to do was win. There is a name for people like you, but I can't put it in print. Loser is close enough!Give Tim Brewster some credit, as well as Joel Maturi, and Bob Bruininks. If the U of M was smart, they shouldn't even allow you on campus to talk with the players, or coaches! You are a basher of University Sports, and the people that attend, and work there. One more thing. Stay out of politics too, or at least keep your thought's in your own living room! I think you owe the University Sports Dept. an apology for some of your recent writings! Now, I feel better! Go Gophers! :) :)

jmarksorOct. 8, 08 5:50 AM

go over to Gopherhole and get on with all the other Gopher fan club saps and lie about the glories of Gopher football.This is a comment board clueless!

jmarksorOct. 8, 08 7:06 AM

I don't know who you think I am but I think you have googled your way into the twilight zone. It's the internet pal, nobody cares who anybody is and it's a comment board!!! You make comments!. Go to Gopherhole or some other fan club board and lie to your buddies about the glories of Gopher football Sheesh!Anybody that would defend this pathetic program is hardly one to be calling someone clueless!!

dayoldbreadOct. 8, 08 8:15 AM

6 national titles...! Cupcakes? Who has WI played/beat? Who has IA played/beat? Who has MI played/beat? Seriously, this early in the season they've ALL played cupcakes and all have beaten the teams they're supposed to beat (except when WI lost to Ohio State at home...with Beee'lima's win streak on the line - now there's a chump loser!). So yeah, jmarksor, keep on commenting and getting everyone all heated up over nothing (yeah, i said it - you're "nothing") - When the Gophers are playing in the Music City Bowl and WI is playing in the Motor City Bowl - we'll all sit back and have a little laugh over the biggest dissapoinment since the 1-11 season - btw, Penn State's one of the 2 best teams in the Big 10 - WI is a distant 0-2 "last" in my opinion - well that is until they beat someone, anyone, in the Big 10.

dayoldbreadOct. 8, 08 8:19 AM

6 National Titles - 1 Big 10 win this year (WI 0-2 - tied with Indiana for last place...huh...and the only teams WI has beaten have been "cupcakes"). Who has anyone played this early in the season? Ohio State and Penn State are the 2 best teams in the Big 10, followed by Northwestern and Illinois (according to the standings). Heck, I'm willing to bet that WI goes to 0-3 and Indiana gets a win...making WI the worst team in the Big 10! (write that down)


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