Good morning: Tuesday, Oct. 7

  • Article by: Scott Gillespie
  • Updated: October 7, 2008 - 10:24 AM

The Editorial Board starts most meetings with a discussion of "gorilla'' topics in the news. The idea is that gorillas are issues we probably will want to address, either with our own editorials or columns from local or syndicated writers. There were plenty of gorillas in the room this morning. The U.S. economy (How will we pay for all of this?), tonight's presidential debate (Will the candidates discuss in detail how the economic downturn will change their agendas?)  and the future of transportation in the suburbs (Will we expand light-rail in the south metro?) were three of the topics we kicked around. We're also interested in the mental health parity bill, which passed Friday as part of the Wall Street rescue. We've always supported the legislation. Now we're wondering how it will be implemented. Feel free to weigh in on any of these topics with a comment.

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ShockwaveOct. 7, 0811:18 AM

The US economy is in the tubes because conservatives are unable to add and subtract. Republicans rely on the gullibility of the far right to cut their taxes and spend your money. The sad fact is that Reagan/Bush/Bush all promised to cut taxes specifically to balance the budget and reduce the National Debt, and Reagan/Bush/Bush have been horribly, horribly wrong. Here in Minnesota, we've seen how bad indiscriminate tax cuts have been: Fleeing businesses, higher property taxes, falling bridges. On the nationals level, it's just been a bunch of greedy bastards stealing taxpayer dollars for their golden parachutes. _This_ is the 500-lb gorilla in your midst. I wish you'd address the issue with honesty and avoid trying to offend the GOP with facts.

dtmonkeyboyOct. 7, 0811:51 AM

As a person in the top 2% of income earners in the nation I am pretty confident. I can use my money to buy stocks and real estate cheap now and make huge money later. Labor for my buiness is also going to be cheap which will help me keep costs down --and i have a recession proof product. And, I can be pretty well assured that no one is going to raise my taxes since it is us richy riches that fuel the economy. Goood time to be rich. Thanks Prez. W !!

pfbramOct. 7, 0811:53 AM

And the fact that the Democrats are too co-opted or conniving to genuinely do ANYTHING about it. No impeachment, no real investigations. Just some whimpering protest about missing e-mails, scandal upon scandal over the years, voting for all of Bush's war funding, and rushing even faster than the Republicans to Bush clarion call to bail out Wall Street. I blame the non-opposition even more than the active/visible crooks.

iluvminnOct. 7, 0812:52 PM

is the one warning of the extinction of a quarter of the world's mammals. Of course, that has a stupid people angle, too.

oldblevinsOct. 7, 08 3:04 PM

Policies matter. Since 1981, as executive compensation sky-rocketed, the income for most people stagnated and then fell. Savings accounts disappeared, poeple borrowed to pay medical and college costs, etc. Targeted tax cuts, trade agreements, the WTO and IMF, along with targeted deregulation were used as tools against us. We need to redefine the role of government. Being pro-business should not mean anti-worker. The predictable result is that the lower 98% of us no longer have disposable income to help drive the economy through consumption and demand. That is the real engine of our economy and it is shutting down.

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