U.S. Senate candidates spar in first of five meetings

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 6, 2008 - 10:26 AM

Dean Barkley got in some of the hardest shots of the night, Norm Coleman defended his six-year career in the Senate and Al Franken linked Coleman's votes to campaign donations.

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Thunderfoot3Oct. 5, 08 9:47 PM

Norm Coleman is a clone of George W. Bush. Norms acts as though he has not been a Bush backer but he is a major backer of Bush policies. If you like the condition our country is in now then Norm is your man. Granted our choices are not great in the upcoming election but Norm has to go! Remember Jesse Ventura? Dean Barkley is part of the weird world of Ventura politics. We have proof that brand of politics does not work for Minnesota. Vote wisely!

jchilman12Oct. 5, 08 9:48 PM

Any speculation on why Strib has Franken way ahead and USA Today has Coleman way ahead?

kylemac1Oct. 5, 08 9:52 PM

I listened tonight because this was too important to miss. Obviously, our television media thought differently... come on folks!

smalltownOct. 5, 08 9:53 PM

With Norm having spent the past 6 years taking exotic trips paid for by special interests,flying around the country stumping for the national GOP and visiting his wife who lives in Hollywood, Coleman is on the verge of reaping the rewards of his labors. He is out of touch with Minnesota and what we need here. Well, Norm's going to have plenty of time to take free trips starting in January. Nice work if you can get it Norm, but the free ride is almost over. Buh bye!

norlingkOct. 5, 08 9:58 PM

yeah, great job on restructuring school financing when you where w/ Jesse. That was just great. super cool. statutory operating debt is fun... And the "jesse check" wasn't short -term pandering? c'mon..

tuibguyOct. 5, 0810:00 PM

While listening to the debate I expected Norm Coleman to apologize to Al Franken for the nasty lies and misleading information he has been approving in his commercials. I really should know better. With the cold party-switching blood in his veins, he defended those ads as being part of Al's "record." We know the truth about the state income taxes now, yet Coleman and the National Republican Senatorial Campaign continue to lie and distort. We know the truth about what happened in New Hampshire at the Dean rally, and yet Norm refused to back off. We know that Al Franken represents reason, consideration and honesty in government. We know that he will make decisions favoring the working class in the Senate. We know that Norm Coleman will continue to take the sides of his donors. We also know that Norm Coleman is proud of his part in confirming Federalist Society Ideologues John Roberts and Anton Scalia, Supreme Court Justices who want to gut the constitution in favor of their ultra-conservative views that are based not on jusrisprudence but on their personal desires. We saw the clear choice in tonight's debate. Al Franken is the only one of the three we can count on to work for Minnesota in the Senate.

nojusticeOct. 5, 0810:05 PM


topmanlbOct. 5, 0810:05 PM

I suspect the vote is going to be a Democratic landslide in MN. McCain has outspent OBAMA 7 to 1 in MN, and it won't matter. We are fed up with the status quo. Norman is a Bush protege, we all know that Bush is a large part of the problem and so is McCAIN...No on NORMAN, No on McCAIN!

wordupOct. 5, 0810:07 PM

That's rich Norman. You are the Bush administration's tool in the senate. Own up to your shameful legacy Norman. Your a crook. Haliburton no bid contracts? Are you kidding me? This is the guy you Repubilicans want looking out for us in Washington? Without Bush around, what is Norman Coleman going to do? There will be no one to tell him how to vote anymore. He certainly doesn't listen to this state. Norm is about Norm. Bye Norm. I wonder if you can still rent that 1.5 million dollar DC townhouse for $600/month when your not our Senator anymore.

jaybeezOct. 5, 0810:08 PM

Coleman's all pretty teeth and nasty attacks. Barkley's just a less pretty Norm. I'll take a guy who uses the f-word once in awhile over guys who's policies will actually do it to me and my pocketbook. Go get 'em Al!


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