Jim Souhan: Vikings' most difficult stretch ends with vital game

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 6, 2008 - 2:07 PM

A victory would put them in the thick of the race in a mediocre division.

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johnramboOct. 5, 0811:59 PM

In fact, root for them to get blown out by the Saints. A blowout loss will almost assuredly mean Childress will be fired and Frazier takes over. As hard as it may be to root for them to lose, Childress getting fired is what this team desperately needs at this point. He's more inept than Les Steckel.

peoplespowerOct. 6, 08 1:36 AM

Listen to the investors! fire coach CHILDRESS now! promote Frazier. Bring Tice back or Get Cowher. Remember Zigy if we dont buy tickets you wont make profits.

duerkodsOct. 6, 08 2:55 AM

Fire Childress. Fire Tice. Fire Green. you guys are the masters of understanding football. you should coach

kidjonOct. 6, 08 4:09 AM

I want them to win because I am a fan and i cheer for them during good times and bad times. Unfortunately, we have had several years of Vikings team that have no heart to win. They have had the talent in many years, but no heart. I remember watching the Culpepper/Moss/Tice years knowing full well, if the Vikings did not have more than a 2 touchdown lead half way through the 3rd quarter, the could still potentially lose that game. If they were behind by 2 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, they were done for the game, they had no heart to come back and win. It sounds like we have that again.

eroth2Oct. 6, 08 5:09 AM

who keeps on posting that Frazier is the answer, he is not even close..He's done nothing with the defense, and would bring more losses in the future. Bring in Bill Cohwer, or even Wade Wilson of Dallas can do better than these two idiots..

jmarksorOct. 6, 08 5:12 AM

the worst thing that could happen tonight is for the Vikes to win! Chilly is an incompetent doorknob-why is is still here? A loss tonight HAS to be the end-otherwise Ziggi must sell the team-he is too stupid to be an owner.

comment229Oct. 6, 08 5:29 AM

Who keeps posting about Frazier being promoted to the head coach? I don't know... is he married? AND.... NOBODY will disagree with Adrian running the ball... but PLEASE... at the right times and TRY to disguise the fact that he is going to get the ball.... at least a little bit? AND... finally... to Souhan.... please watch out when you write statements like "with two games left against the comically inept Detroit Lions" because WE have not played them yet!!!!!

kbaileyOct. 6, 08 5:44 AM

Of course he's not. Try Mart Schottenheimer. He's run oriented and known as a superb teacher. That would imply a bit more overhaul of the roster, but the guy wins regular season games.

jprice_72Oct. 6, 08 6:36 AM

That pretty much says it all. Drew Brees has, to this point in the season, put up MVP numbers in the passing game. If past is prologue it is doubtful that the defense can stem the tide of a pass-happy offense at home, on Monday Night. Unless Adrian Peterson can control the clock with his legs and score at will it will be a series of 3 and outs followed by a track meet to the other endzone by the Saints. If the premise that tonight makes or breaks the season wait until about 10:30 PM tonight to determine whether to look to the future or peer into the past with wonder,amazement and dismay.

videowarriorOct. 6, 08 7:46 AM

Some of the posters have mentioned Frazier and I have to say there is truth to it. When you watch other defenses like the Eagles, Titans, Steelers, to name a few, that have relentless blitzing defenses and watch the Vikes there is no comparison. Why doesn't Frazier have exotic blitzes and more pressure? Why isn't he moving Jared Allen around instead of exclusively playing him at right end? Good coordinators cause confusion and are unpredictable and the Vikes do none of this. The pass rush is no better than it has been for years. The last good defense was when Dungy was the coordinator. If the Vikes make a team one dimensional because they can't run against the Vikes then that should make defending the pass easier shouldn't it? If you know its coming and can't stop it thats bad coaching. The inadequacy of the offense is well documented also and is painfully obvious. It lacks imagination and multiple playmakers. The Vikes are not entertaining. If Peterson doesn't break long runs the offense is essentially dead. I also feel the special team coaching is poor. They can't decide on kick and punt returners and the coverage and blocking is terrible. In my heart I really believe the entire coaching staff is holding back the team and this won't change till they are dismissed. Pay Cowher what he wants, but even he wouldn't want a team with no QB.


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