Franken event stripped ad bare

  • Article by: Eric Ringham
  • Updated: October 6, 2008 - 3:35 AM

Al Franken's rally with former Vice President Al Gore at the University of Minnesota on Saturday was a thing of political beauty. You don't especially have to like Franken (though I do) to recognize and admire the quality of the event: Al stood with Al and Amy Klobuchar, and all three backed up their photo-op with heavy doses of policy and substance.

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topmanlbOct. 5, 08 8:09 PM

Norman went to Washington to be a Bush protege. What will he do once he lose his identity and get a pink slip? Become a lobbyist for Big OIL? ...........No on NORMAN, No on McCAIN!

comradeOct. 5, 08 8:45 PM

More cheerleading for a left wing radical by the RedStrib. Pathetic is the only thing I can say about the so called mainstream media. You media clowns are so far in the tank for the Democrats that you are squandering the tiny amount of credibility you have left. Viewership at the alphabet networks? Down. Subscriptions to most if not all major newspapers? Down. This paper can barely stay afloat and you partisan syncophants still don't understand that people are tired of your propaganda and partisan cheerleading. I guess when you all get your pink slips you'll still be wondering why it happened.

thomasjf623Oct. 5, 08 9:07 PM

sorry, haha.

paulsworkshopOct. 5, 0810:04 PM

Running alongside someone in a high school event, if your not a competitor, is strictly forbidden according to MN High School rules. It gives an unfair advantage to the paced runner. So again we see good old Al championing illegal activity. do your research Al!!! Out of state taxes anyone. Hope Norm chokes on his bailout blip as well.

ruphinaOct. 5, 0811:12 PM

I can't believe you would write gthis editorial without going to the Coleman camp and making them show you the tape they used in the commercial without the bleeps. As it is, you have completely failed as a journalist. Where the bleep is your caca sensor? Maybe now we know what Franken was doing calling SNL- gettingthe writers to put together this little Wellstone skit to fool the gullible sheep like you, Eric.

itsmeddcOct. 6, 0812:58 AM

We will show them!

StopLookingAtMeThatWayOct. 6, 08 2:13 AM

Right-wingers earn McCain points for writing nasty Internet comments during the election season. It's true. For 1000 points, they win a no-bid Iraqi "construction" contract. With 5000 points, they get a free bailout.

jafo1961Oct. 6, 08 3:26 AM

When two buffoons like this can grab the center stage, we have only ourselves to blame.

comment229Oct. 6, 08 5:41 AM

It was posted that Paul Wellstone was pacing and that it is illegal.... and it inferred that Franken was wrong for using this example. Anybody who has ever attended a cross country meet at St. Olaf or any place else, knows that many of the parents don't pace their sons/daughters but do sprint using a shortcut, from one vantage point on the race course to another ... I have done it several times.... it is NOT illegal to do this and shout encouragement to the runners. As far as Franken vs. Coleman.... I pretty much know what to expect out of Coleman, and will take a chance on Franken.... and before you feel sorry for Norm, check out the benefits he gets for life after getting whistled out of office...

lmixxOct. 6, 08 6:32 AM

Slippery Norm is going to finally get what he deserves- the public has had enough!!! Go Franken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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