Cyclists rode in honor and remembrance

  • Article by: DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 5, 2008 - 7:41 AM

Cyclists around the metro, many wearing black, gathered Saturday to honor 4 accident victims and remind all drivers of road safety.

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zeissOct. 4, 0811:43 PM

i'm a cyclist commuter in the suburbs and i find it interesting that they recommend (in the sidebar) that you bike in the middle of the lane instead of on the curb. that seems at odds with the previous suggestion that bikes and cars can share a lane. since i ride around 15-20 mph, i'm not planning on riding in a lane of 30-40 mph cars. fortunately our roads have wide shoulders.

oldpunkOct. 4, 0811:45 PM

More motorists need to read it than bicyclists although I wish everyone would . As a full time bike commuter for the last 25+ years I will say that most motorists have become very courteous interacting with bicyclists according to the presented statute over the l;ast five years. I thank all of you! However, those that hate cyclists have become even more outrageous in their behavior. Sorry I can get through downtown Mpls faster during rush hour than you while obeying the law. Anecdotally, it always seems to be SUV s, 4 wheel drive pickups and people in complete beaters that are the biggest threat to our lives. That and Postal workers drinking on the job. Trust me, one almost ran me over on Thursday, I almost got a contact high when i caught up to him at a stop light. The 50% increase in bicyclists over the last year causes it s own problems. A**h*le motorists become a**h*le bicyclists. No bicyclist wants to die, although I wouldn t argue against Darwinism as long as both cyclists and motorists felt the same affects for their idiocy.

paulsworkshopOct. 4, 0811:45 PM

time that group of riders will stop at a stop sign again. (made a great picture) What's under reported are the numbers of hit and run bicyclists on the roads. The cyclists that pound their fist on car windows - flip off motorists - avoid traffic regulations.... you know you see em everywhere terrorizing our roadways. I wish we could get some kind of user tax on them or at least get them registered and cataloged.

halvorsonbarbaraOct. 4, 0811:56 PM

Cyclists don't always follow the rules of the road. They don't stop at signs, they turn in front of vehicles etc. The west river road has a riding path that doesn't get much use. It seems to me that if they want to use our road ways they should obey the same laws that drivers have to and maybe there wouldn't be as many accidents.

zeissOct. 4, 0811:57 PM

hopefully this thread won't devolve into a "drivers suck" "no, bikers suck" argument like pretty much every other bike related thread. it may be too late...

oldpunkOct. 5, 0812:01 AM

Seriously zeiss, read it. It explains how a bicyclist has the right to take a lane when the road is non-standard...or even if it is a standard lane. i.e. when there isn't enough room for a bicyclist and a motorist. I believe you are part of the problem rather than the solution.

oldpunkOct. 5, 0812:09 AM

I wear a helmet cam and a back facing camera on my bike. The number of traffic violations by motorists versus cyclists is overwhelming against motorists. Every intersection at rush hour has 5-8 vehicles running red lights. People in cars internalize their illegal behavior as normal and don't notice cyclists that ARE behaving legally. Granted a bunch of newbies to cycling are behaving in an irrational manner, but a few months ago they were motorists breaking the law. Let's just agree to follow the law and not kill anyone.

zeissOct. 5, 0812:10 AM

i'm familiar with the rule. it's obvious. i'm not sure why you are obsessed with it. in 15 years of cycling i don't recall ever riding on a road without room for a car and a bike, so i'm not sure why it's relevant. my comment was directed to the first "rule for cyclists," yet you keep addressing the first "rule for drivers."

zeissOct. 5, 0812:15 AM

fyi, your statute supports my point. 169.222 says "Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb" whereas the article states "Ride just right of center in a lane rather than along curbs."

oldpunkOct. 5, 0812:16 AM

I don't harp on any first rule. Everyone needs to follow 169.222. EVERYONE! Bicyclists and motorists. Live in your suburb with extra room in traffic lanes. Unfortunately that doesn't work in an urban environment. Ride with someday on my way to work, I can show you examples of non-standard lanes and why 169.222 is so important to our survival.


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