Schools as birthday-cake-free zones

  • Article by: SARAH LEMAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 3, 2008 - 7:32 AM

Concerns about nutrition and fairness have prompted some Minnesota schools to ban the tradition of bringing birthday treats to school.

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myob99Oct. 2, 08 9:56 PM

I would say this type of thing is ridiculous and just another way we are taking away the joys of childhood. However, as the mother of a daughter who is allergic to dairy, it breaks my heart every time my 7 year-old daughter comes home and tells me there were birthday treats that she couldn't enjoy that day. I suggested sending a box of special treats that the teacher can give her on those occasions but she doesn't want to stand out. So regardless of the reason, I am all for keeping treats out of the classroom.

rhankinsOct. 2, 0810:00 PM

"We felt that that wasn't necessarily what we wanted within our school on a daily basis. With 620 kids, we have three or four birthdays a day." With 620 kids, you have about 1.7 birthdays a day.

bracystakeOct. 2, 0810:08 PM

I agree that kids should live a little but I can see the other side just was well. I'll never forget when I brought hard candy to school to share on my birthday and I was short two pieces. I was only 5 and over 20 years later I can clearly recall how guilty and horrible I felt about not having enough and not being able to do anything about it. I know this is a lame comment, but there's pressure on this stuff that one doesn't usually even expect.

mpmurrayOct. 2, 0810:15 PM

The last time I checked kids aren't in school all 365 days a year. It's only about 175-180 depending on your school district.

broneehoOct. 2, 0810:25 PM

Life's full of disappointment. Deal with it.

puckerOct. 2, 0810:27 PM

I can't believe food allergies is not the #1 reason to end this tradition. As the parent of a child who has a life-threatening nut allergy, I can't tell you how scary it is to send my child to school every day. We attend a nut-free school and there isn't a day that goes by that some child doesn't pull out a peanut butter sandwich. I have seen more than one party where my child has to sit alone while all of the other kids enjoy birthday cake. Very sad and I am looking forward to the day when all schools are nut-free. If your child has a nut allergy, is a great resource.

orr333Oct. 2, 0810:45 PM

My son has a corn allergy. Try eliminating THAT ingredient in the era of corn by-products. We solve it by having treats he CAN have at the school. When kids bring cakes with unknown ingredients, the teacher gives him one of his special treats. Simply solved! Kids celebrating each other's birthday's in school are great days!

whilomeOct. 2, 0810:49 PM

There are about 180 school days in the year. Divide 620 by that and you get 3.4444. Seriously, I teach school and there is a dang birthday almost every day from my 130 kids. They even have the nerve to ask, "So, whatcha getting me?!" Leave the cupcakes at home, parents.

myhushpuppyOct. 2, 0810:49 PM

Nuts at work, nuts on restaurants. Not to mention all the nuts on the road. Let them eat nuts. You cant shell ter then forever.

deanoOct. 2, 0810:56 PM

Trust me, this will never happen! From what I can tell they're just getting nuttier. It actually starts with the nut at home who blames the school for everything that is wrong with their child. So then the nut in charge at the school, who has no backbone, decides it's much easier to just go along with the demands of every nut that is offended by or just plain doesn't like how the school is trying to operate which then drives the rest of nuts because we just want our children to enjoy their childhood before they all grow up and turn into nuts like the rest of us.


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